Betsey Johnson’s fall 2009 collection was the center of attention at The Estate in downtown Boston.

The event got off to a rocky start. Despite a 10:30 start time, the show began just short of 11:30, with a small distraction in between. Three models were brought on stage in robes to have their hair done – a process that took about 15 minutes of combing, blow drying, flower pinning, tulle wrapping and a lot of pained looks from the models.

The drinking, dancing crowd didn’t seem to mind though – the DJ was phenomenal. Still, there was a slight air of impatience.

“I’m getting bored, already,” one girl said. “This whole thing is such a tease,” said a man.

But the show eventually rocked into action with Aerosmith’s “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” later followed by a mix of music from the eighties to today. The collection reflected the music, with a combination of rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop.

The added twist – a distinct eighties and nineties feel, particularly if you were in elementary school in those days. There were large floral prints, puffy dresses and skirts, colorful tights and even a puppy tank top.

Of course, this isn’t a collection for 10-year-olds, so there was plenty of mature style as well, including some very slim fitting dresses, skull prints and sequins.

“I thought there were some interesting pieces,” said MJ Yang from Toronto, Ontario. “I liked the shape of the dresses, I think they did a good job structuring them.”

She said was not impressed overall, though, and neither did local Bostonian Nadine Bentele.

“In terms of coats or skirts, there was nothing,” she said. But she did add, “It was very unique. Betsey Johnson, that’s her style.”

The women did agree that the hair and makeup was stunning, as did several other onlookers.

“I really liked the hair and the hair accessories,” 21-year-old Bostonian Katrina Fitzgerald said.

Scott Bosse, 25 and‚  also living in Boston, said, “It was awesome. I loved the make up.”

Overall, the show was like one big party. The short runway was at the center of the club where people were packed in right next to it. The DJ kept everyone dancing before and after the show.

“It was a fun show,” Yang said.

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