Publisher Iceberg Interactive today unleashed a couple new in-game screenshots and a video for their upcoming Adam’s Adventure adventure game.

Due out this Friday, October 2. on PC in the UK, followed both other regions, “Adam’s Venture,” looks to be an ambitious project, with a game-world resembling that of Fable, at least in my estimation.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says: “With Adam’s Venture, adventure gamers can look forward to a real visual treat. ‚ The environment really comes to life, because of the use of the Unreal 3 TM engine. This, along with this being the first installment of a long running story arc as well as its non-violent nature, should appeal to a broad group of gamers of all ages.”

Click each image to make large.

Additionally, Adam’s Venture was developed by Vertigo Games, and their creative director had this to say about the project.

“We’ve been working on this story for so long, that it feels rather weird to start sharing it with the entire world now. Fortunately the world gives a lot
back in terms of positive feedback. We’re really grateful for all the support so far.”

But you want to see the game in action right? Iceberg also released this trailer today showing off the game-play and how it all comes together. Have a look.

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