Indie development team D20Studios released “Hero Mages” today, a free-to-play, online strategy game, playable directly in your web browser.

The once peaceful land of Papillion is now the theater of war with all sorts of fantastical creatures, magical abilites, and environments.


The game allows players from across the globe to team up, command, and lead their fantasy heroes into (hopefully) victorious battle and emerge as the famed Hero Mage.

A “premium version” of the title, with additional characters and a map editor is also available for a “small fee,” if you’re so inclined.

Hop, skip, or jump over to the Hero Mages official site for lots more info on the game and to start playing today.

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  1. Free Games

    This is actually a pretty cool game, I went over to check it out. They have a nice site, and the game has a pretty good play to it so far. I dont know that I’d pay for the premium version, but the free version is worth trying out.


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