original2Today, Atdec launched its Telehook TH-1040-VFM full-motion mount. The mount allows the viewing angle to be adjusted up to 40 degrees, useful for those with TVs in high glare areas. The Telehook TH-1040-VFM also allows TVs to be moved to landscape and portrait mode after installation. Pinwheel TV, anyone?

This is made possible through use of a ball joint which offers wide adjustment of up to 40 degrees in any direction, allowing users to find that perfect sweet spot for our TV. There is no need to screw and unscrew numerous bolts with Atdec’s “Simple Tension” Adjustment system, and their Smooth Glide technology allows for effortless adjustment of screens up to 55 pounds. ‚ The TH-1040-VFM’s quick release mechanism guarantees fast and easy TV attachment and removal, though the idea of a quick release on our giant glass TV scares us more than anything else. Also, Atdec also says the mount is theft resistant, though that seems to be the opposite of “quick release.”

“We are really in the TV viewing business and that’s what Atdec’s mounting solutions are all about: providing the best and most elegant way to ensure optimum viewing experience no matter what the environment may be. The new Telehook TH-1040-VFM is a perfect example of this philosophy with its ability to offer infinite fine-tuning of the viewing angle via a variety of easy to adjust pivot points. Innovative design, matched with a stylish look and reliable build, make the new mount an ideal choice for any home or commercial TV installation.” Said Jerome Green Director of Atdec.

The TH-1040-VFM supports panels between 12 inches and 40 inches and a weight up to 55 pounds. It will be available in mid September for $169.

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