BioWare and Gabe & Tycho have come together to create a new 8 part web comic based on the upcoming fantasy epic Dragon Age: Origins. The comic focuses on a dangerous encounter between a party of mage-hunting Templar Knights, the reviled “Witch of the Wilds” Flemeth and her deadly daughter Morrigan. The comic provides a dark introduction to the game’s brutal world. The first page of the series is available here, with a new page released each week. The site will also hold an exclusive Q & A with Penny Arcade on the site as they share some of their impressions and favorite moments. Anyone who wants to see the game and play it can get an advanced look at the game at Penny Arcade Expo! Anyone who wants to should go to booth # 622. The game is being released on PC and Xbox 360 on November 3 with a later PS3 release to be announced. Comment below with impressions and thoughts!

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