Electronic Arts today announced that Battlefield 1943, a product of accalimed studio DICE, is the fastest day one and week one download-only game in the history of the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

BF1943 has sold in excess of 600,000 digital copies on both the PSN and Xbox Live since the July 8 launch of the WW2 online multiplayer shooter, but why so popular you ask?

Throw these ingredients into your cauldron and see how it tastes. 1 part world renowned game franchise (BattleField), 1 part wholly amazing development studio (DICE), 1 part download only availbity (the way of tomorrow), 1 part cheap price tag ($15),‚  and 1 part community task (reaching 43 million kills to unlock a fourth map), add them up and what do you get? Tons of money headed EA’s way!

But seriously, the game is awesome, check out Marc’s eloquent review here, and we’ll see you online!

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