2809-cover-this-weekNo dammit! They’re not supposed to have sex until the last book! DUH! Like, everyone in the whole “Twilight” world knows that Bella and Edward don’t do the dirty until “Breaking Dawn!”

But if one Australian celebrity tabloid has it right — and we know how spot-on these tabs usually are — not only did Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson get it on, but she’s pregnant with his child.

The New York Daily News reported that an “insider” quoted by Australia’s New Weekly said that Stewart was, uh, late, and “she obviously started to thinking that she could be pregnant. And because of the timing, she thinks Rob could be the father.” The tabloid also reported that Stewart had a friend buy her a home pregnancy test.

The magazine also reported that Stewart is getting hate mail from fans because she has an “official” boyfriend named Michael Angarano.

It is important to note that neither Stewart, nor Pattison, nor any of their spokespeople have ever gone on the record, at any time, ever, to say that the two are romantic with each other.

Also, there is no evidence that anything in this story is true. But you can’t get enough, can you?

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180 Responses

  1. Desiree Billington

    This would ruin everything she has going for herself.
    If this baby really is Rob’s then that could work for the last book but they haven’t even started filming the third!!!!
    Somebody needs to get more information on this before we can actually start to think she is pregnant.
    maybe some more pictures of this soo called “baby bump”

    • nata

      whoa!!! i hope its not real. but if it is and its really robs child then i hope she doesnt hurt him more by not choosing him over the other dude. and if it is rob’s child then i wish them the best of luck[and i still like Kristen and Rob!] and i hope she doesn’t even think about abortion that would stain the immage i had of her!

      • Abby

        I know it’s so true that if she is and she get’s an abortion she would like totally ruin the immage all of us have of her!!
        I know that some of you out there don’t want it to be true but i hope it is!

      • celeste

        i agree with u
        ther r soooooo amny girls who look up too her
        if she gets an abortion (if shes pregnant) than the whole world might hate her cuz alot of ppl r against abortion
        im stuk between the two cuz part if me wants her to be pregnant and the other part of me doesnt

  2. Brenda

    this is all rubbish……we are talking about two level headed people who have to much to loose to allow this to really happen…..Gosh, these rag magazine are getting worse and worse on making things up…

  3. karen

    I guess that’s drama, I think what they are doing is wrong [[if they did it]]
    and it’s her fault if they are saying that Kristen is dating Michael wouldn’t that be
    cheating, It’s her fault because if she really had ”sex” with Robert Pattison they should of used protection….. dont you think? that’s my opinion

    • Lendcee

      you know i totally agree with you karen! you are totally smart when it comes to birth control! STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!!!!

  4. ashly

    wow! cant believe it i mean she does have a boy friend and that makes it look like she’s cheated on him but

  5. natalie

    THIS IS TARABLE! it will rewen everything, and so is going out with rob. they are the perfict cupl but…

    • rain424

      all of yall are wrong that was her choice she made and if that is true you should support it

  6. sabrina

    i think that it is not true becuase she has a boyfriend n i dont think that she would cheat on him……….these magazines are getting worse n worse every time

  7. Sapphire

    I think that this is just for the mag. to sell!! What with all of our modern computer tech. you could easily edit it to look like she’s pregnent!! My apologizies if this does turn out to be true butt right knw it seems like a lot of BOGUS

  8. Sin Aralynnia

    ohkay… So, just so everyone knows..
    Kristen is supposedly dating robert.
    So she wouldn’t be cheating on her boyfriend by having sex with robert.

    I don’t see how it would ruin their careers..

  9. Tiffany

    If it’s true okay. But tabloid’s always take the truth and twist it. What’s up with everybody sending Kristen hate mail? Ithink she is a good actress and she does a great job in the twilight movie. I support her and Rob no matter what.

    • Jemnz

      i soo agree with you.. im a huge fan of twilight saga
      and even though its supposed to happen in breaking dawn JOKES!! lol
      um.. i agree to suport her and robert.. i like their movies they star in

  10. morgan

    well i think its completly not true and im pretty sure rob and kristen are dating (well at least were)anyway i still wouldnt beleive she was pregnet unless kstew or rpatzz told anyone

  11. cressie babes

    oii i think this a load of bull shit she fucked up every thing but thats her falut so she should off use a condom or birth controll the stuiped bitch rob patseon is not worth having a baby over i think there both fucked in the head well thats my opinon

  12. Jenna

    Ok we all have to realax. for now we shouldn’t beleive anything on the magazines they all just want money so untill we here somthing from the two of them dont beleive it. but i think if Kristen didnt want anyone to know( if it is true ) she would tell us…. soo lets just wait and see what happens!!!

  13. twilightOBESSEDFAN1

    who knows it might be true or not. and if its true i wish them the best of luck. if its not who ever made this rumor is stupid.k.

  14. Secret

    Who gives a sh**! I can’t wait until I don’t hear about them anymore. They are even not really good actors, People, u need to wakeup and realize that twilight is a make believe story. Like I said who cares about them, they are only human just like us

    • twilightfan1632

      go 2 hell, secret! twilight rox, & i support kristen & rob either way. KISS MY ASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u suck, Secret!!!!!

    • Tiffany

      I am so wiht you!!!!!! I used like the books, but not any more because of all these stupid fucking moronic obsessed fans made it ridiclously stupid!!!!!!!!

  15. Secret

    Why would it even matter if she was pregnant! Who cares… After twilight, I don’t think we will even hear anything about Rob Pattinson, He will end up moving back to England because he can’t handle the pressure here like us Americans. WHO CARES ABOUT THEM!!!!

    • Kari

      Srsly! Who cares! I hate the movie and Breaking Dawn. Plus there are way better books than twilight. Ugh! Idc about them. Everything is twilight! :@ They’re getting on my nerves!

  16. alice

    Dude there sooooo stupid! This is gunna ruin eclipse! Eclipse is suppose to come out in June 2010 but if her ego is prego then they have to put the movie off! This sucks!!!!!!!!!! They suck!!!!!!!!

  17. renae

    yes please!
    even though she is pretty young.
    it will be a twilight baby :D:D
    and who wouldn’t want Robert Pattinson to be the father to there baby ;D

    but back to the point- who knows?
    kStew and rPattz are keeping it on the down low, if she IS preggers we will kno in like a few months.
    if she is pregnant, i hope it doesnt screw ( no pun intended :P) up her twilight contract.

    and tell those haters to f*ck off! its her life, not theirs. ugh! i get so angry, when i here this sh*t. its none of our business. so stop sticking your noses in. like i have never sent mail to her or any of celeb, GAH! whats the point, im not that dumb.

    • jennifer radel

      i agree rob is scared like sh*t cuz ppl r stalking him and throwing themselfs on him……i feel rlly bad for the dude…….he will prob go back to london after breaking dawn and get away from the syco a** fans!!

  18. Fluffy

    Hey i am so surprised i had just found out today that she might be pregnant
    what if it’z really robertz baby because of the first movie robert was kissin her so much cauz of the scene
    i can’t beliveit!!!!!

  19. Kendall

    i dont know bout this baby
    if she is pregnant then how r they gonna shoot the 3rd movie
    i love them both but thats to much
    ive heard that she is on drugs to
    but i dont believe that
    what the heck happened to innocent kristen stewert!!!!!

  20. alice

    Dude i luv it to but really wat were they thinking they shouldn’t do that stuff cuz if they break up they wont hav the same chemestrie for the movie and every1 shud just mind there own b’s wax any way. Its there lives.

  21. lavae

    i think i mite b true bcause she has broke up with her boyfriend so it b her ex-boyfriend or robs

  22. agmzp

    you people are freakkin out a lot with it i realy dont belive it , but if it is true we shall wait and see in a few months and also if it is trua they would probably film breaking down first then eclipse and release eclipse first and the breacking down it would take a wille but i shurely prefer waiting a few more years than damaging eclipse

  23. alice

    Ya they shud wait it wud b wierd 4 them 2 shoot bd first it wud be confusing! Is it only me who thinks that its odd bcuz of the age diffrence!!!!!

  24. alice

    u know wats wierd that they didnt know about each other and know he cud hav gotten her preggers!!! I saw a pic on the internet that they were in bed 2gether!!! it was creepy!!!

  25. jennifer radel

    ok frist of shes not at all!! she put it on her twitter and even on the twilight disorder pager she denies it all shes not pregers ppl so leave her and rob alone will ya!!!

  26. alice

    But in eclipse bella says “im not that girl. the girl who gets married right out of high school like some small town hick who gets married right out of high school because she got nocked up by her boyfriend” Its wierd! its lyk the complete opposite! jk jk lol!

  27. Rea

    If Kstewart is preganat i dont think we have a say in her life.
    If it is robs or not we can not tell her what is right or wrong and if she haas broken up with her boyfriend its not cheating and it could even be his.
    to tell everyone the truth we were not there to say who she got pregnant to even if she is. Mags make up so much crap theses days its not funny, they make stuff like this up so you would be stuck in to buying them and you beleive everything you read.
    why don’t the everyone wait untill she starts to tell people the truth.

  28. layla evanna

    i knew this would fall apart from the begging she shouldn’t have dated the ugly Robert Pattison. I knew she would get pregnant, although, bella will be pregnant in Breaking Dawn.

    • Tiffany

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Finally somebody sees what I see, that, that ugly ass rob is not hot. and also neither of them are good actors! AND TWILIGHT SUCKS BIG FUCKING MONKEY ASS!!!!!!!!! YES I SAID THAT DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. lisa

    hi! if i know well than the pregnancy doesn’t seems in the first month but Kristen has already paunch on the photo so she should be in the 4. or 5. month (i think but i don’t know certainly!). so that’s very strange that the news about her pragnancy turn out just now. what do you think? can it not be maybe that she put just on weight a little bit (if i know it isn’t sin 🙂 because i don’t know maybe she already doesn’t smoke or because of a role? but if it’s still true than i am very-very happy because i very much like the couple of kristen and rob! 🙂 she’s very good actress and he’s very good actor and i think they’re great persons! 🙂 best wishes to them! 🙂 (and sorry for my english 🙂

  30. Tiffany

    I think if those two had a baby together, my dog’s ass would look better then the baby! Considering Robert Pattison is one of the ugliest guys on the face of the planet!

  31. alice


  32. Kendra

    What a hoe! So now she’s cheating on her boyfriend with the ugliest guy on the face of the earth. This cast is seriously messed up. Twilight also sucks ass!

    • lily

      she broke up with michel last decbmer she chosed rob and she not a hoe
      rob is the promble,not get me wrong i love rob but we fan only know hafe of
      robert,form wd sites and reading stuff in colored book with rumors flying.
      plus it can or can ont be true…plus she 19 her cycle can be weird.second..
      robert was the one who had sex with her they both did there datimng(idk about now but they are)and robert is 23 what do u think what a 23 who
      is the most sexiset man on god green plant going to do,sit home and play
      video games or…go to a bar and dinner and bne a player for the night.
      he in new york the wrost place he can be in….it not kristen felted nethieris robert’s stuff just happen…and yes i know there condom
      they also can break ever easily so just give the girl and the guy a break and just wish for the best…..

      • Kendra

        okay she broke it off with that sky high guy. to have sex with a co-star! are they even dating? i don’t think so. i guess i keep expecting people to be mature, but they go off and do stupid stuff like this. by the way, robert pattinson is the uglies guy on the face of the earth. whats wrong with new york???? nothing, except he could hire hookers, but you can do that anywhere! i’m sure he has! he’s a physco. they don’t deserve anything from me, let alone a break! they are in the public eye and should think twice about what they do. also. i can hardly read what you wrote!

      • Tiffany

        Nice kendra nice! However he does not seem like the kind of guy to buy hookers!

    • Tiffany

      Go Kendra! Robert Pattison is the the ugliest guys on this plantet! And your right Twilight does sick ASS, big stinky ASS!

  33. alice

    Every1 we shud cool it w/ everything thats going on! Its wierd Type in Robert and Kristen! there in bed together! its on google!

    • courtney

      wtf why kristen stewart his mine you boyfirend stealer oh no im coming for you and rob (robert pattison) how could you you are supposed to wait for me

  34. ana

    i thought that before,i think they’re a suit couple..
    a baby between rob n kris,it’s soo cute…

  35. Lyssa

    HOW can this happened..
    its wrong… isn’t she suppose to have abaybe in the last book
    not now…

  36. mackenzie

    hay i think robert pattinson is so hot and sexy i just wish i could have sex with him hay whats up every body

  37. lisa

    i read today on the internet a new article: “kristen stewart not expacting robert pattinson’s baby”… in spite of this i wish them for the best!!! 🙂

  38. Jessica Anne Howe

    well WTF WTF WTF!
    she had better of not be pregnant, because it will wreck her contract with the Twilight Saga movies, that she has done wonderfully well in because of the fact that she suits her character to the tea, but i have got a question for the NW, what the hell made you get those rumours about those actors none of the other mags have why do you choose to but such garbage on a magazine that has done nothing to hurt you in away. so plz stop making up such things about the actors, because they are our actors and if you destroy them i will make sure that your magazine will not be able to see the light of day again, because i have already started a pertition online that if you stop making those lies about the acotrs i will make sure that you will not be able to print a copy out as long as i live.


    peace celeb life wreakers

    from jessica

  39. Tiffany

    I don’t see how people think there was chemistry between those two! They had none what so ever! Through out the whole movie Rob loked like he was drunk, or like he didn’t know what the hell was going on, where as in the book he is supposed to be very perceptive!

  40. mandie

    i dont think that she is pregnant because she has a boyfriend and if she is pregnant that will be with her boyfriend.
    but i hope that she is whit robs baby because they are the perfect cable…

    • Pakito and Co

      I agree with the first part of your statement there but I reckon this whole thing with them two really together is just bullshit and bollocks…

      …like just because they played an on-screen couple doesn’t mean that they’re really going out in the real world…

      …it’s movies like Twilight that get the cast and crew in crap. Like seriously, you see Kristen Stewart in other films such as The Messengers; Panic Room; Zathura; Into The Wild; Adventureland; Cake Eaters

      I find her delivering “A-class” acting in all her other films which is why I think Twilight has fucked her career….

      I hear she dislikes her Twilight fanatics and because of this and her guitar skills she has my stamp of approval …..To be honest I’m a fan but not because of her role of that ROBOT character from Twilight.

      ….based on this tabloid she’s paying the consequences because of the raping Twilight has done on her career.

  41. diane

    hey i hate Kristen Stewart and i think shes a whore so she might be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo u never know who that sluts with it could be her bf or rob or any other guy in a movies she been with SHES A SLUTTY PROSTITUTE

    • kelly

      how can you say that you dont kno kristen, for somebody to say stuff like that asout a human being is vile, i think your just jelous of her success, looks, and frienship with rob pattinson, and i think you should learn some respect and grow up

      • Gracinda

        i agree with you. You cant just call some1 a whore when you dont know them. also for all we kno she coulod have broken up with her bf and be with rob now. plus the are going to be pics were she looks pregnant due to the fact that she is filming breaking in which she has to look pregnant in her underwear.

    • Jennifer

      U can’t judge someone if u don’t know them personally. Y would u say that about her? Who cares if she is pregnant or not? I think u r jealous of her in away. Grow up!

  42. Stephy and Steph

    Ummm….shes not what u guys said she is a its a good thing her and rob are together

    • Tiffany

      How is it a food thing her and rob are together? The only reason why they know each other is because of stupid fucking twilight and after this ridiclous thing is ll over they probably won’t ever see each other again! So they aren’t good together because their bound by a fucking moronic movie!!!

      • Viv

        I totally agree with you Tiffany. Well not the part were you think she’s a whore but everything eles YES. the only reason people think Rob and Kristen are good together is because they are Bella and Edward. Kristen is so much different then Bella.

  43. Stephy and Steph

    Hey…she is not what u said she is dianne and i soooooooooooooo agree with mandie and its such a GOOD thing that Kristen is with rob!!!!!!:)

  44. celeste

    rob and kristen anr friends and they wont forget each other tiffany!!

      • Tiffany


      • juliet

        uhm no tiffany ..how in the world is rob not ever gonna see kristen after the movie thats the most ignorant/stupid comment i have ever seen they clearly see eachother off set SO HOW DO YOU THINK THEY DO THAT? something called commuication.

        and dianne how in the world is she a slutty prstitute ..DO YOU KNOW HER??
        UHM NO kay . ..and whooooo caressssss if shes pregnant i dontt understand why people make suchh a big deal out of her being pregnant ..meanwhilee here you have soo many other celebrities pregant …GET OVER YOURSELVES!

      • juliet

        AND to tell you the truth i doubt shes even pregnant its just the media making upp all this shit to get their magazines sold okay.

      • Tiffany

        They are making 4 movies together, thats why they see each other off the movie set. And like I said they just see each other BECAUSE of the movie! And to the comment you made about dianne comment how do you know she isn’t a slutty prostitute?

        And why don’t you get over your self because you have no fucking right to say that my comment was stupid and ingnorant so do you know what your stupid and ignorant!

      • Gracinda

        once again agree’s. and tiffany what is your problem with kristen. what did she ever do to you. if this is just a jelousy thing because she had sex with rob, then damn you pathetic

  45. L1A

    OMG! If she is pregnant, there is going to be a lot of drama!
    1. Rob (if thats who made her pregnant) will probably leave her cause he hates kids!
    2. Her bf will probably leave her if Rob was the one who made her pregnant!
    3. They will probably have to stop the Twilight series!
    4. EVERYONE WILL HATE HER! ( I am actually ok with that)

    • Jazmen Cullen

      L1A i totaly agree with you!!
      i hate Kristen Stewart too!!!
      and i also agree with one of the others that
      hate her too!
      she is a lifeless twit!!!!

      • mEv!

        i agree wd u both man shx sukz she dznt knw hw to act hope she gets stuck inthz shit lol!!

  46. Jazmen Cullen

    agh!!! that is just discusting!!
    you Kristen stewart and Robert Patterson should be ashamed!
    not only have you ruined the oncomming movies with you hormones
    but poor poor Stefani Myer will lose fans, but you will have soooo
    much peparatzi!!!
    i used to think you two were my role models……oh well
    lookes like you two are my BOTTOM faves!!!
    WOO!! Taylor Lautner and Rachelle Lafevre!!

  47. K.U.

    i dont think she is preg. i think she’s bloded from her 1 mounth visader sorry the only way i can spell it one of my keys are broke

  48. Lexi

    I think everyone neeeds to shut upp okk

    It’s her effing life she can do what she wants with it!

    i don’t give a hell if she’s pregnant or not it’s her life okkk so just stopp it….

    what you guys are doing is immature and very very lowww you guys need to stop it with the “i hate her” and the “you should be ashamed” “she’s a prositute” and just about fighting okk.

    I spent 30 minutes reading all the bull shit you guys call comments up there…and to tell you the truth it was the worst time of my life okk. and i want no one to agree with my comment cuzzz i don’t wanna here the bullshit of who agrees and who doesn’t…just to let you know i’m only 12 and have skipped 2 grades because I don’t pay attention to gossip……neither should you it’s just a skam to sell more magazines and crap okk

    and by the way the twilight saga is going to be just fine


    [[here’s just a really really really really good idea]]


    If you’d like to start something up with me my email is

    [email protected]

    don’t email me unless you have something really good to say.


  49. Cori

    BTW Kristen is on twitter it’s KristenJStewart and Rob is RTP_. Someone is informing Kristen about this btw(RobP_KristenS). So she can read all of this. I agree with Lexi! Just leave her alone!! She has her own life! I bet the same type of thing is happening all over the world and no one give a sh– about it. Why? Because those people aren’t famous so all of a sudden it doesn’t matter? If Bella wasn’t famous you guys wouldn’t care. NOW LEAVE HER ALONE!!! Go bother some other celeb. *sigh* I agree with Lexi:

    “I think everyone neeeds to shut upp okk

    It’s her effing life she can do what she wants with it!

    i don’t give a hell if she’s pregnant or not it’s her life okkk so just stopp it….

    what you guys are doing is immature and very very lowww you guys need to stop it with the “i hate her” and the “you should be ashamed” “she’s a prositute” and just about fighting okk.

    I spent 30 minutes reading all the bull shit you guys call comments up there…and to tell you the truth it was the worst time of my life okk. and i want no one to agree with my comment cuzzz i don’t wanna here the bullshit of who agrees and who doesn’t…just to let you know i’m only 12 and have skipped 2 grades because I don’t pay attention to gossip……neither should you it’s just a skam to sell more magazines and crap okk

    and by the way the twilight saga is going to be just fine


    [[here’s just a really really really really good idea]]


    If you want to argue e-mail me at [email protected] but don’t e-mail me if you want to say insults. Seriously, don’t judge someone’s life.

  50. alice stewart101

    just stop the comments its just plain stupid what if Kristen and you were to change positions what would you feel if someone judge you that way!!! SO STOP THE MINDLESS, IRRESPONSIBLE, STUPID, NEVER BEFORE PROPERLY THOUGHT OUT COMMENTS AND JUDGMENTS!!! you stupid people just need to mind your own life. you don’t know how it feels!!!

    • Tiffany

      I suggest you mind your own fucking life. So what if we like to argue about this, if you don’t like it then shove it up your ass and get on with YOUR life!

  51. alice stewart101

    just stop the comments its just plain stupid what if Kristen and you were to change positions what would you feel if someone judge you that way!!! SO STOP THE MINDLESS, IRRESPONSIBLE, STUPID, NEVER BEFORE PROPERLY THOUGHT OUT COMMENTS AND JUDGMENTS!!! you stupid people just need to mind your own life. you don’t know how it feels!!! shut your mind out

  52. christy

    all i am saying is that if this is robs baby… then thats why he dumped Kristen and he is a coward and a jerk.

  53. Pacito

    As a true twilight fan i feel i should give u a lashing pakito. If kristen is that good an actress then why i (a big movie fan) never heard of kristen stewart untill twilight. Hmm i think u need to get your facts right. As for kstew bein pregnant, WHAT THE FUCK IS IT TO DO WITH EVERYONE ELSE? So many people need to get real lives

    • Tiffany

      And my advise to you is shut the fuck up and get a life also. You don’t have a life either because your commenting on somebody else’s bull shit!

  54. Molly

    She could have been bloated when the picture of her “baby bump” was taken.

      • Justin

        oh what a pity all that talk but no room to back it up I hate people that say shit on a subject they don’t even know I single thing u don’t even know Kristen so you wouldn’t know what’s she’s like so shut up and leave her alone u little whore

      • Taylor


      • Taylor

        You know maybe you should get some air Your Bitchyness how does her being pregnant or not affect you? YA IM RIGHT IT DOESNT!!! So Piss off why dont you go find a boyfriend hell keep you ocupied!! I HOPE!!!!

  55. kristenjstewart

    Ok u guys this is the real deal: I am not pregnant! Its just a lil belly fat! And as I have said a million times twilight isn’t real. Me and robert are not really a couple ok?! Now all of u need to get off my fucken back and if ur commenting at all on here then its obvious u ALL need to get a life…btw any of u that believe movies are fact are losers

  56. booga

    hahahahahahahahaha you people have the most funniest convos lol…
    why are you’s so worked up over nothing. . .
    oh and i agree with lexi just leave her alone it’s no big deal for efff sake…abnd tiffany you sound like a bitch 🙂

  57. jodi

    leave kristen alone she well preety and its nothing to do with us or any 1 else. its her life if she is congratz xx. i agree with leona and lexie i think tiffany is a rite fucking bitch

  58. choucha

    okk people you shuud leave kresten along.not because i like her but cause i think she deserve respect and privecy .by the way i think that the pregnancy story is a rumor

  59. Kendra

    Okey, I’am a big fan of her and rob and I don’t think that she is going to have a baby any time soon she would be a grat mom and when she want to she will and it will be with someone she loves.

  60. hmmm

    if im honest. the comments i have just read are stupid, because yes you may hate kristen and all this crap. but you dont need to tell the world, what is wrong with her being pregnant? for all we know she might be with ROB. and tbh you cant trust magazines. they do make alot of stuff up!

  61. gabey

    yeah you guys are just jealous of her cuz she is beautiful and pretty then you are bitches you fucking suck she deserves him and i hope she is pregnant of his baby so all you can shut the fuck up

    • Arian

      I do agree that all the lil girls out there need to get a hold of them selves and calm the fuck down. Its non of ypur buisness if she is or not. What ever is going on between Kristen and Rob is there buisness, no one elses they are both adults. But! My personal opinion “yes i have one and i am intitles to it” I dont think Kristen is the best actress. Im not fond of her work, And im not being mean i am sipley voicing my opinion. I think she sould do a lot more studing on the character of Bella, and she should sit down and have a tolk with the auther on the character of Bella so she can get into character better. And the Baby bump? that could have symply been a bad angle, or she had put a lil weight on. no one figure is perfect 100% of the time

      • becki

        all little gurls are young they willl be likke that they r fans they like to no everythin about her and him so shut the fuck up and get a grip of ya life and live it mate

  62. Katy

    God people, she’s obviously not pregnant. Leave her alone, she hasn’t done anything wrong.

    • connie

      excuse me but kristen stewrts ugly and shes a horrible actor
      she killed twilight and shes also a crack head

      • shelby

        You are completely wrong kristin does not deserve to be blamed she was just doing her work and she is not the best actor but shes defenity not the worst. I mean wts ur problem why do u hate her so much.

      • Megan

        yeah that is totaly dumb if you ask me!!!
        how can she be a crackhead?? Ya’ll have no proof!! if she is pregnant so what! you should all stop judging others and go on with your lives!!!

  63. just being me

    If she is pregnant they need to start filming breaking dawn!!
    They could use her pregnancy to follow bellas.

  64. Danni

    Oh please. This is old ‘news’ from way back in July/August!!! They even quoted the BS from that Aussie rag word for word. They are just trying to make a buck by repeating it again and again and again and they are making out that Kristen is cheating repeatedly on Rob if they are indeed together as a couple, which in and of itself has not been confirmed by anyone.

  65. mary

    @ first i was so fucking pissed off tht kristen might be pregnant of robert and i used 2 like him but thinking bout it i realized tht i dont care b-cuz as long as taylor doesnt get a bitch pregnant im soooooo happy, girls tht boy is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • connie

      dude shes not prego thats an old story
      and kristen stewarts ugly anywayzz
      its not like were ever gonna get a chance with rob or taylor
      we could meet them but they’ll never go out with us
      their celeberties

  66. liz

    I’m in love with Robert Pattinson and tht stupid fucker of kristen better stay away from him, she better not be pregnant b-cuz shes not tht pretty. supposedly she has an innocent face but the only thing tht she wants is for ya’ll tht r her “fans” is to fool everybody…….

    • Amy

      um escusse me u wont ever get him and watch out who u call stupid Fucker and shes beutiful not pretty

      • connie

        first of all kristen stewart not pretty or beautifull she is an ugly cracked out whore shes a bad acto and suck
        yeah ur not ever gonna get him either amy
        liz were not gonna get a chance thats true but amy u gotta know they just try to make her pretty in real life without all that make up shes an ugly crack head anyone could be prettier than her

  67. twilightluver101

    ummmm to let all of you know that it might be a rumor about kristen is pregnant or she is but if she is then it’s rob and kristens buisness so keep shut.

  68. Amy

    i dont belive she is becuse u l;ook at that bump and if this was from 6 months ago she would have about 3 months left and she doesnt have the bum p in New Moon so leave them alone go chase Britney Spears and Madonna

    • connie

      we still think shes a crack head and shes ugly
      she killed twilight and new moon
      she looks cracked out anywayzz

      • shelby

        ur a horrible person leave kristen alone she is just doing her job as an actress yes im talking to u connie

  69. sally

    I don’t think she would dont she is preg.She supposidly said she wants a child Rob, I am not sure but they look good together.Ithink they might be good parents and make a cute family. 🙂

  70. nena

    ohh stfu , she’s not pregnant so stop w` the threats & the excessive bragging . But if she was pregnant thats her buisness , so mind yours smf . smh, people these days . GO FIND YOUR LIFE . !!!! obviously its missing .

  71. Isabella L.

    First off yah people out their need to get yah facts straight Kristen & Michael Angarano broke up a long time ago. And if she is pregnant so what? It’s no ones right to judge. Don’t get mad cause Kristen MIGHT be having Roberts baby and not yours. So get a life and stay out of their personal life’s. Okay thanks bye

  72. LozzaLoulou

    ok firstly all you teen girl crazed twi fans get ahold of yourselfs!!! i am a teen as well but i dont over obsess, if she is pregnant so what? get a life its not our buisness. do u people realise they are humans as well??

  73. Robert Pattinson

    Stop rumouring! Yes, she is pregnant, I had sex with her, now will you just shut up?

    • Kristen Stewart

      its true and connie stop insulting me just because ur treatend by me

      • hannieee

        hi ppllllll i love u bothhhhhhhhhh……… <3 <3…… congrats guysss….. x

  74. Chris

    U kno wat y dnt ya’l jus shut up???huh???I mean dis is jus a rumor mayb or not…but jus mind ur guys own business,oh nd dnt call people ugly luk in da mirror b4 u call some1 esle ugly….

  75. hannieee

    LOL!!!!!! i just lovvveeeeeeee both of em…. i dont think shes pregnant……. if she is then congrats Guyssss….. luv youhhhhh…. x


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