The original Army of Two was hit or miss for many shooter fans. Either you enjoyed the over-the-top, frat-boy mentality of the two main characters, or you drank a lot and came up with your own dialogue–peppered with even more bromance and brodom than even the original script–until you enjoyed it. There were some neat concepts in the game though, like the weapon customization–you haven’t lived until you’ve pimped out a shotgun folks–and the ability to draw all fire on one player at a time, so it’s good to see that EA is working on a sequel that will hopefully smooth out the rest of the original’s problems.

We were also dropped a line to let you know that the weapon design contest is ongoing until July 12. You can submit your entry at the official Army of Two website for a chance that it is included in a future EA title.

Today we have a trailer and some screenshots from the sequel, 40th Day. The game is looking good from what I have heard, as EA Montreal has listened to the complaints about the first game and tried to tweak gameplay and the controls to make it a more satisfying experience.

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