We are going to try something new here with our reviews at Blast Games. It’s a closing comments or final word of sorts on the games that we review, but we, (or Eddie Makuch) has dubbed it, “The Blast Factor”. It’s just corny enough without going over the top, so we’ll stick with it. We normally try to wrap up our reviews like that with a concluding paragraph, but this might be a good way to make sure that we are always giving you our most clear and concise viewpoint of each game that we test and review.

You can see “Blast Factor” at work in the review we just put up this morning for Grand Slam Tennis, as well as in yesterday’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game review. Let us know what you think, whether you think it adds to the review or not.

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Marc Normandin was gaming editor of Blast from 2008 to mid-2010. You can reach him via e-mail at [email protected], or follow him on Twitter @Marc_Normandin

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