So we already knew all about Olivia Munn of “Attack Of the Show!” and her to-be Playboy cover. We knew that she would grace the cover and her pictorial sequence would feature no nude shots. So that’s just what we have for you today: Olivia Munn on the cover of Playboy wading in a glimmering pool donning a red bikini, and nothing more. Boo.

I know most of you probably stopped reading after I said “no nude shots,” but for those who have soldiered on to the second paragraph, we’ve got the video from last night’s “Attack of the Show!” where Munn unveiled her cover, and predictably, Kevin Periera stole the show and offered his funnier faux cover ideas to the audience.

If I am to offer my opinion in this matter, and I will, I have to say Munn’s cover shot feels like a horrid letdown of epic proportions. I mean really? A simple red bikini in a pool? That hasn’t been done before. Well, she does work for a respectable cable television network, and I guess she can’t be running around tainting the name of G4, but really? I’ve gotten more pants-happy looking at her in better outfits fully clothed on the set of various G4 programs. But hey, that’s just me, let us know what you think in the comments section.

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  1. Jim Tarnkraven

    Agreed. Not the end of the world however that she isn’t nude. But I love Olivia I spent time with her and Kevin at the studio during my Make-A-Wish and she is super awesome and even more beautiful in person. She is mega hot in the cliche shot.

  2. Richard

    She’s cute, but hasn’t got a brain in her head, the poor dear…


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