The King of Fighters XII, when it launches next month for Xbox 360 and PS3, will likely be the game to get if you’re into the fighting genre, and especially if you’re a fan of the storied franchise.

SNK Playmore really looks to have spent a great deal of time and effort not only in the construction of the whirlwind of a title, with 20 new and 100% hand drawn characters, new combat elements, and a robust online mode, but also in listening to fan-feedback as the developer is letting you decide the cover-art for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the title.

However, what’s on tap today in KOF12 news, are four new and glorious videos depicting characters Athena, Kensou, Chin, and Mature, all doing what they do best: knocking each other around in the digital fighting space. So kick back, turn up your volume, enjoy these frantic fighting videos and be glad you’re playing and not actually fighting.

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