Microsoft and Rockstar today announced that the latest “Game with Fame” event will take place tonight over the expanses of Xbox Live.

The game? Grand Theft Auto IV Lost and Damned.‚  The fame? Busta Rhymes.

Anytime today add Mr. Rhymes’ gamertag, which is “Busta Rhymes GwF” and hop into the fray tonight between 7 and 9 Boston time, as long as you have purchased the DLC.

Also, if you’re in the mood to raise some hell, you know, for the fun of it, the Lost and Damned LIVE weekend begins this Friday and runs through Sunday.‚  And, just for playing, you’re name will be automatically entered into the data base for a drawing of all sorts of fantastical prizes.

So grab your shotgun, embrace your lack of morality and jump into the city of Liberty!

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