Today is the first day of June, who knew?‚  Nintendo knows, that’s who, and unveiled their weekly plans for their now three-fold download services today adding Mighty Flip Champs! To DSiWare, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Texas Hold’em Tournament to WiiWare, and revisiting the Commodore 64 days with Boulder Dash on the Virtual Console.


Mighty Flip Champs! (1 player, 800 DSi Points) is a tricky puzzle/platforming title that will test not only your wits, but also your mind by way of traversing a series of “action-packed” mazes. Confused? So am I.‚  Try this developer video on for size.


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (1 player, 800 Wii Points) is the sequel to the hit original Final Fantasy IV.‚  Square Enix fans and Final Fantasy fans have been salivating over this title for quite some time, and the same dramatic RPG elements from the original return in this sequel as “Now, monsters are reappearing in a world that had finally attained peace. The second moon has returned anew. What tidings does this ominous harbinger bring?”‚  Fire up your Wii and find out!!

Texas Hold’em Tournament (1-6 players, 500 Wii Points) is just the type of game you’re likely imagining, where you’ll start on the small side of things at local Nevada gaming halls and eventually make your way to the championships in Las Vegas where your keen mind and gutsy reactions will determine your eventual fate. ‚ Also, take yourself and your Mii to the expanses of the internet to take on the world by competing in global tournaments.

Virtual Console-

Boulder Dash (1-2 players, 500 Wii Points) is just as you remember it from those long, lost Commodore 64 days of 1984.‚  You still play as the brave prospector Rockford and must battle all sorts of dangerous creatures and the predictable falling rocks.‚  Think the days of Boulder Dash are gone?‚  Think again, as now you can relive those moments of gaming elation, and, if you live in Connecticut, can jump on the thrill ride bearing the same name at Lake Compounce.

All games go live on their respective download locations today at 12PM EST.

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