Infinity Ward released the first lengthy trailer for the hotly, hotly, hotly-anticipated, now-sans-Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 last night on TNT.

The launch did not go as planned, as a tweet from community manager Robert Bowling indicates:

“Holy Epic Fail! TNT cut the trailer short at 30 secs! I can’t believe this… slipping into anger fueled coma….. fading… fading… gone”

However, the situation was rectified and after the conclusion of the Magic vs. Cavs NBA game, the trailer, in it’s glorious entirety, was shown, as promised, to the faithful masses.‚  Having no power from an eerily close lightning strike, and with the energy at my home not returning until just hours ago, I was not able to view the trailer until just now, and might I say, heads will roll with its awesomeness.

Enjoy the beautiful and ominous two minute trailer and brand new, never before seen Modern Warfare 2 screenshots below.


Make of the trailer what you will and talk it up in the comments.

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