Ever wonder by a company founded in 1996, and run by over 190 employees, takes so damn long to make their games?

Could it be that Gabe Newell, head of Valve is committed to bringing users an absolute perfect product each and every time?‚  Nah, can’t be that, it’s gotta be because of this..


Yupp, that’s Gabe Newell of Valve cracking skulls in Azeroth on a 42 inch TV.‚  The man loves him some Warcraft, and we all know the prone to seclusion side effects of that game, don’t we?

News Flash- welcome to Sarcastic Friday– a look at the world of video games’ less serious, more hilarious moments.‚  If you’ve been reading our heavy hitting onslaught of news this week and every other, you need a break, so enjoy this weekly section and have a laugh.

photo via Flickr

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