A recent tweet by Mikel Paris, the keyboard player for the American rock group Of A Revolution, reveals just how he is able to nail that “Shattered” intro and each and every time.‚  Video games.

The post from the man formally in the Broadway performance of Stomp reads:

hooked now on Lost Planet for PS3. Bejeweled is on the side burner.”

With O.A.R.’s rampant tour schedule, the bands’ tour bus must be loaded with a PS3 among other machines depending on how Mr. Paris likes his Bejeweled.

Chalk another one up for the good guys (us video game lovers) as the medium continues to penetrate the drawn social lines of accepetance.‚  Now if only a proper video game song could be written, although I’m not sure O.A.R. are the bunch to do it.

[UPDATE] O.A.R. is featured on MLB ’06 the show for PS3 with a song of the same name, “Of A Revolution”

Mikel Paris on Twitter

O.A.R. “Shattered” music video (in case you forgot who he is)

Mikel Paris on Myspace

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