Nintendo reported year end business figures today and as you’d expect, they tore the roof off the industry in the year ending March 31.

The Wii sold 25.95 million consoles in the year pushing the life to date figure to a whopping 50.39 million.‚  On the handheld side of Nintendo dominance were the 31.18 million DS units sold bolstering the total lifetime figure to a staggering 101.78 million.

Nintendo generated $18.5 billion in net sales for the year, representing a 10% increase over the previous.‚  Net income was also on the rise with $2.8 billion, a 9% surge, while operating income clocked in at $5.6 billion USD for the year.

In terms of total profit and sales Japan ranked highest followed by the Americas, then Europe and other regions of the globe.

Best sellers during the year in terms of software include Pokemon Platinum with 3.75 million units sold and Kirby Superstar Ultra with 2.36 million on the portable DS.

Big brother Wii saw strong sales of Mario Kart Wii with 15.4 million units, followed by Animal Crossing: City Folk which sold 3.38 million units. ‚ ‚ Wii Music, Shigeru Miyamoto’s maybe not so bright realization moved 2.65 million units and the amazing Wii Fit lit up retail for 16.37 million units worldwide.

The future is not as glorious as you might think however as Nintendo braces for profits to plateau or even dip in the next fiscal year.‚  That said however even if Nintendo’s profit is smaller, it will likely remain a multi-billion dollar take, and that is nothing to scoff at to say the least.

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