GameFly, a giant in the online video game rental sector has a major problem with the way in which the USPS handles their games.

The company claims that similar rental delivery services Netflix and Blockbuster receive preferential treatment when it comes to the mailroom processing of their DVD’s and have gone as far to file an statistic-filled official complaint with the USPS.

The rental companies’ claim is summed up by WebProNews as such:

“Gamefly mails 590,000 video games monthly, and between one and two percent of those games is broken in transit or stolen along the way… at $50 per game that could be upwards of $600,000 lost in a month…

According to the complaint, the investigation also found that competitors Blockbuster and Netflix DVDs were manually removed from bulk mail and not processed through machines. This led to the company’s allegations of discriminatory treatment.”

Adding insult to injury, according to GamePolitics, a whopping 19 postal workers have been arrested for stealing games that flow through the mailroom.‚  Shame on you! Unless you stole this one, and in said case, FAIL.

Take a look at the official PDF GameFly filing here.

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