DSi owners holding out on spending those gratuitous points from Nintendo may have to wait another week, as this week’s Nintendo Download doesn’t contain the most exciting titles.

A measly total of four titles hit the now three-fold Nintendo download service spanning DSiWare, WiiWare, and the Virtual Console.


Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics (1-8 players, 800 DSi Points) is a watered down gambling title that allows up to eight players to take part in Black Jack, 5 Card Draw and the fast paced Last Card, Last Card Plus and President.

Paper Airplane Chase (1-2 players 200 DSi Points) challenges players to guide their paper airplane through an “increasingly tricky” slalom course, either in a clam, collected and slow manner in Endless mode, or crazily in Time Attack. ‚ ‚ The downloadable title also allows for single-card multiplayer in two-player race mode.


Cocoto Platform Jumper (1-4 players 700 Wii Points) is indeed a unique indie game set in a far away fantasy land full of mystery and complete with a myriad of interesting creatures to discover and interact with.‚  You play as Cocoto and must embark on an epic journey to save your kidnapped friends and vanquish the sinister Zaron.

Virtual Console:

Nobunaga’s Ambition (1-8 players 800 Wii Points) is the classic Japanese strategy game from the Super Nintendo era set in Japan’s Warring States period.‚  Do you wage war? Work for democracy? Playing as a mighty rule you make all the decisions and ultimately decide the fate of Japan.

Nintendo also kindly reminds DSi owners that joining the ranks of Club Nintendo is not without its benefits.‚  By registering your games, system, and providing feedback on your experience you’ll earn precious coinage with alluring exchange possibilities.

Club Nintendo

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