The Nintendo exclusive MySims franchise has seen numerous flavors of creation ranging from Party games to the upcoming Cart racing title so it comes as no surprise thattoday Electronic Arts announced a brand new IP extending the breadth of MySims offerings even further.

MySims Agents is a mystery solving game for the Wii and DS that tasks players to, as EA puts it, “stop a sinister plot that threatens the fate of an entire city.”‚  But really, how sinister can this plot be if the toons are just so damn cute?

In the Wii version of Agents players take on the evil lord of the criminal underworld Morcubus by assembling a crime busting team of MySims, each with varying characteristics.

In the DS version agents are tasked by the Mayor to stop the anticipated theft of ancient treasure.‚  Players must search for clues and solve elaborate puzzles in order to keep the town and booty safe.‚ ‚  What would a DS game be without mini-games though?‚  10 different bite size games await you in Agents aimed at sharpening the clue-seeking mind of your sleuth.

First batch of screens in the gallery.

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