Of all the April Fools video game related hijinks found on the internets last week, the hilarious Ostrich Hammer weapon reveal and developer video diary for the upcoming Red Faction: Guerrilla title was by far the most amusing.‚  But it was just a prank, right?

Wrong.‚  Volition, developers of the Mars shooter have announced the Ostrich Hammer will make the final build of the game as an unlockable weapon when it releases this summer.‚  Killing enemies with powerful space age weaponry is fun and all but I am sure “ostrichizing” foes will be oh so much more compelling.

Red Faction: Guerrilla is continuing to look like a first rate shooter experience.‚  Total destructibility of environments, a plethora of dynamic and unique weapons, and what will be a truly addicting online multiplayer experience all contribute to the essence of the game.‚  Still not convinced?‚  Marc made the trek to the New York Comic Con this year and spent some time with Guerilla, read his hands-on impressions here.

Enjoy the famed Ostrich video here and check out in-game screens of the avian weapon in the gallery.

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