In this season of economic doubt, magazines, newspapers, and companies all together are folding left and right.‚  This is a time of uncertainty and fear, but from the ashes a triumphant warrior in an unlikely form reveals itself.‚  No, Chuck Norris hasn’t vanquished the poor economy, although he very well could if he wasn’t too busy roundhouse kicking everyone in sight.‚  Rather, a video game magazine, boasting monumental readership, surpassing some notable publications is the reason to be proud of your favorite pastime today.

According to data released by BurrellesLuce, Game Informer magazine, owned by retail supergiant GameStop Corp boasts a contingency of readers 3,517,598 strong.

That figure lands the video game magazine at the 12 spot ahead of Playboy, Time, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated and strikingly close to People.

It must be noted that GameStop is the proprietor of Game Informer and the mag is issued with every pressure and fear induced Edge Card sale. ‚ Nevertheless, GI is a quality ‘zine with an educated staff of writers and hosts a plethora of valuable content.

via Kotaku

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