In every season what is seemingly old becomes new again. ‚ However for Spring 2009, this is especially true.‚  As if designers anticipated the hard times ahead, the clothes seem to have regressed to times of the American cultural stimulus.‚  The Regan-esque working woman silhouette of the 1980’s has returned with a more structured modern fitting.‚  Even day-glo, splatter painting, acid wash, and ruffled blouses have made multiple appearances by an array of designers. ‚ We’re in a fashion era of true sobriety where clothes seem to have lost that air of fantasy, and purpose is of the most importance.‚ 

This spring is a season of contrasts that reflect the change taking place within our nation.‚  Designs range from organic and flowy to rigid and architectural, romantic to athletic, wild and patterned, to chic color-blocked and sensible. ‚ Some fashion houses have even gone green. ‚ Designers such as Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson are not only just downsizing their shows and events this season due to the declining economic climate, but are also incorporating eco-conscious prints and material.‚ 

Patterns and textures are slowly gravitating back towards our truest roots.‚  Some designs focusing on tribal prints, animal patterns, and colors both vivid and natural.‚  Materials include organic cottons created using fair priced foreign labor. ‚ Altogether, trends this spring are challenging and exciting, but don’t fret, always feel the confidence to try anything at least once.‚  Invest in affordable pieces at stores such as H&M, J. Crew and Banana Republic.‚  When you think spring trends, don’t shy away,and ‚ in the words of Obama say, “Yes we can!”

Let’s break this down slow and steady, top to bottom, so that no one is to be left behind. We can start simple with the dresses of spring, which, in this season, come in all shapes and sizes. ‚ Designers play with geometry and fun new patterns.‚  Polka dots, stripes, checks or crisscross details run rampant through the collections of Oscar De La Renta, Philip Lim and Michael Kor, among others. ‚ The shift dress is always classic, however if you try out some strong futuristic cuts, via Calvin Klein, you are sure to be ahead of the fashion curve, for these looks are daring and not for any commoner.‚ 

Usually in the spring seasons we see an array of florals, lace, ruffles, and bows; all things bright, sparkly, young and pretty. ‚ Well, designers have shied away from the predictable use of these accents and kept the bows and flowers grounded to adorn your feet. A contrasting image is seen in this season’s trend for outerwear too.

Whether it is fitted, bulky, oversized, structured, military or draped, futuristic fits and sculpted sleeves are all the rage.‚  Several years ago the soldier style jackets were back in action, now thanks to designers such as Alexander McQueen, whose ode to her royal highness weighed heavy in every collection, they’re back with young punky twists.‚  Think metallic’s, beading and lots and lots of sequins.‚  If you want to stay on trend without breaking the bank, stick to fitted preppy cut jackets that can be dressed up or down with the properly added accessories.‚  Jackets can be paired with blouses. Whether they have ruffled details, are loose and draped, made out of transparent silks or are covered in ethnic prints, this wardrobe staple will soften any look.

For accessories, everything from bags to shoes comes in an array of metals, studs, fringe, leather, raffia, silk, jewels, crystals and even the always classic, stripper lucite. ‚ If you’re investing in one bag this season, make it a clutch, what do you need to lug around all summer anyway?‚  Lip-gloss, keys, cell-phone and you’re good to go. ‚ 

Unlike most fashion this season, the shoes are less than practical.‚  The fabulous creations of Dior, Prada, Gucci, YSL and far too many more to name, mix all sorts of metals, animal skins and small adornments that will leave you in awe.‚  However, the click-clacking down the Nina Ricci runway was even wilder than something Dr. Suess could imagine, so ladies, please don’t go there.‚  In sticking to sensible, salacious footwear, think of strappy sky-high wedges and stilettos.‚  Nine West has made some especially affordable and sensuous sling-backs that will sexify any outfit.‚  Hopefully we won’t see the models teetering off the runway as an omen for the state of the economy.‚  Happy spring cleaning and deal hunting ladies.

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