In this week alone incredible monetary industry statistics have left jaws on the floor and bolstered faith in games as being able to effectively ride out this recession.‚  Harmonix announced their brainchild Rock Band has sold $1 billion at retail with 40 million paid DLC tracks downloaded strengthening that figure, as well as Nintendo displaying their handheld and console penetration force with 100 and 50 million products sold respectively.

Not to be outdone, Valve jumped into the fray today and announced that their zombie FPS has sold over 2.5 million units at retail alone.‚  That figure is the result of PC and Xbox 360 sales exclusively, with oddly no mention of figures downloaded via Steam.

For whatever reason, Valve doesn’t want us to know their successes in digital distribution, but it can be easily assumed that 2.5 million is in reality significantly higher when the totals are finally, correctly defined.

For now, 2.5 million is an absolutely staggering statistic and if you need reason to jump back in Valve is releasing the Survival DLC next month and won’t cost you any of your hard enough scratch!

via Joystiq

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