Restaurant Week in Boston is my favorite time of year. With seven prior restaurant week experiences in the books (and being an overall obsessive foodie) I consider myself a reasonable critic of all food. I’m not a picky eater when it comes to ethnicity, spiciness, or texture, but I hold very high standards for quality, freshness and overall experience.

Plaza III Kansas City Steakhouse seems to have found a way to upset all that.

At Faneuil Hall
Green Line Government Center Station
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The problem with Plaza III may have been that I went into my lunch date with a friend from college with the highest of expectations. Coworkers and friends had been raving about this restaurant for days telling me how jealous and excited they were for me that I was going there.

I should’ve seen the signs right away. When we first entered this Faneuil Hall upscale locale, the hostess gave a half-hearted “hello” and told us our table need to be cleaned off and it would be a two minute wait. Needless to say, all around were visibly empty and clean tables, and not just one or two, but approximately two dozen.

When we were finally escorted to our table, a nice window seat looking out onto the cobblestone walkways of Faneuil Hall directly facing Abercrombie & Fitch, the hostess did not make any eye contact and walked away after placing the menus on the table in front of my friend and myself. There was one waiter working about five tables around us, and when he finally made his way over he took our drink orders and walked away, even though we were ready to order. Then it took an unnecessarily long to get our drinks (a ginger ale and a water I might add). We finally ordered, excited to eat but mainly because we were very hungry now.

Our salads came after almost 15 minutes and were incredibly unimpressive looking. The Plaza III Garden Salad was on a too-small plate, tossed in boring ranch dressing with a small wedge of tomatoes and sprinkled with bacon and hard-boiled egg. It tasted good but wasn’t anything special.

After a half hour after we got our appetizer salads (which we received after the next table got theirs, and they arrived 10 minutes after us) our entrees finally came. Again, the presentation was worthy of a yawn, the “garlic” mashed potatoes tasted like they came straight from a box without a hint of garlic, and our fillet mignons were completely dull and overcooked at medium well, when we both asked for medium rare.

The asparagus was good — thin and cooked to a crispy and delicious finish. The Bƒ©arnaise sauce however was way too sour and very unappetizing.

If I hadn’t been so hungry and pressed for time I would’ve sent it all back.

Trying to maintain a positive outlook and spirit we ordered dessert. I went for the classic New York style cheesecake with strawberries and my friend ordered the Godiva chocolate mousse. They both ended up being delicious, if not predictable. The strawberry syrup not obviously out of a jar from the supermarket.

Overall I would rate my Plaza III, The Kansas City Steakhouse, Restaurant Week lunch experience as average. The trick might be to go in with low expectations so that I could’ve been happily proven wrong, but I’m still not sure that would’ve happened.

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