A post on the Fable 2 developer diary blog today unveiled some quirky achievement statistics and future plans for the award winning Xbox 360 exclusive.

Fable 2 was awarded the ‘Easiest RPG’ and ‘Most Original’ achievement award from Xbox360achievments.org for ‘The Swinger’ achievement in which the hero must have conjugal relations with multiple individuals, testing the moral precepts of the player.‚  I received the achievement by accident when I wined and dine Becky the Housewife and had no idea Lisa the prostitute was in tow.‚  Oops.

Lionhead dropped some statistics as well stating 2.6 million copies have been sold to date with 66,000,000 total achievements unlocked.‚  The easiest achievement to attain with 2,800,000 unlocks, was “Whippersnapper,” attainable through a very entry level task. ‚ ‚ On the opposite end of the spectrum, the most difficult achievement statistically speaking was “The Dollcatcher,” with a mere 61,037 unlocked representing only 1.9%.

Finally, Lionhead wants everyone to know they are hard at work and fully committed to updating Fable 2 at least one more time with a new DLC package.‚  The team based in Guildford, England is hard at work on new and exciting content with more details in the coming weeks and months.

Until then, check out the Lionhead crew celebrating their BAFTA award for Best Action Game with Fable 2 in the gallery.

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