The Guitar Hero brand is everywhere.‚  In your living room, on the world’s most popular handheld, and even on your mobile phone.‚ ‚  Since its humble beginning a mere five years ago, Guitar Hero has evolved and grown exponentially, spawning sequel after sequel after sequel with no end in sight.

The epitome of that evolution and exploration of the market came in the summer of 2008 with Guitar Hero: On Tour, the first title for the DS that creatively took advantage of the GBA slot and dual screens of the popular handheld.‚  The game-play was fluid, the songs varied, and the experience dynamic and just pure fun.‚  Only five months later a sequel, On Tour: Decades was released, featuring the same core elements of the original, with a slightly enhanced chronological advancement feature applied in Career mode.

But no, Activision won’t stop there, is reporting that Guitar Hero: Modern Hits, the third installment in the series will release summer 2009 alongside its big brother Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (a working title according to Activision).

Modern Hits will feature “non-linear game-play” and a new “fan request” mode to differentiate itself from the previous iterations, with a new 25 song track list, including these….modern hits.

Wolfmother “Dimension”
Coldplay “Violet Hill”
Lenny Kravitz “Where Are We Runnin'”
Evanescence “Sweet Sacrifice”
The Strokes “Reptilia”
The Bravery “Unconditional”
Fall Out Boy “This Ain’t A Scene”
Weezer “Everybody Get Dangerous”
The Kaiser Chiefs “Ruby”
12 Stones “Adrenaline”
Tenacious D “The Metal”
Atreyu “Falling Down”

Speculators have questioned the June release date given the DSi, containing no GBA slot, rendering any Guitar Hero DS game unplayable, is set to release two months earlier.‚  I say, with nearly 100 million units out there, the market is still extremely viable.

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