The folks over at Bungie have created arguably the most encompassing and alluring multi-player experience ever designed for a console.‚  Bungie’s over the top commitment to providing new and refreshing content through systematic updates to the game-play experience as well as downloadable expansions in the form of additional maps has equated to over 1 billion total games played in under two years.‚  Why stop now? Bungie serves the faithful with three additional maps in its Mythic Map Pack, available exclusively in the Halo Wars LE.

The three maps are Orbital, Sandbox, and Assembly, each vastly unique and differ from anything you’ve played in Matchmaking so far.


Contained inside a Covenant Scarab factory, Assembly is a multi-level, symmetrical, tightly knit, frag fest of a map.‚  Aesthetically speaking, Assembly is be-a-utiful.‚  Panning your view upwards will grant dynamic and illustrious views of the factory, but make sure you do this offline, as you’ll be a 4-shot BR spray away from death.‚  ‚ In the very center of Assembly lies the mighty Gravity hammer, and with many blind corners and perfect crouching locations, you’ll be racking up the beat downs for sure.‚  After just a few matches played online I realized that climbing up to the overlooking vistas on Assembly equipped with the BR is a logical way to snipe out enemies unbeknownst to your location.‚  Bubble shields, sticky nades, health regenerators, and close quarters all make for an action packed experience that will challenge you to try new methods of attack each round.


Similar in appearance to the expansive Sand Trap, Sandbox is quite a bit smaller, but with its wide open lines of sight, and vehicles ranging from the elusive Mongoose to the destructive Chopper, Sandbox will keep you on your toes from spawn to your eventual death.‚  Sandbox is a very simply designed map, there are no hidden intricacies or stylistic beauty, it is raw Halo 3, kill or be killed, and succeeds very well in this aspect.‚  However, Bungie designed Sanbox with other intentions in mind.‚  Imaginative Halo fans utilizing the Forge system before Sanbox, could only manufacture their maps on Foundry.‚ ‚  Sandbox expands on the true meaning of Forge.‚  With Sandbox forgers have access to three levels of customization.‚  In addition to the obvious surface level, underground and skybox areas are fully customizable, making for some insane sky to surface to basement sniping showdowns.‚  The underground, or crypt, is perfect for Grifball tournaments, but if you are more of a fundamentalist, Bungie has included new Tin Cup, Golf Ball, and 7-Iron items, perfect for some hilarious Halo 3 golfing moments.‚  I bet you never expected that when you bought Halo 3.


The first Halo 3 map to be set in space, Orbital succeeds so well with both artistic and game-play challenges that indoor, enclosed areas often present.‚  Bungie has done an incredible job immersing the player and creating the feeling of low ceilings and close quarters.‚  Orbital has everything a great map should contain; plentiful objects fit for dodging the spray of bullets, vehicular transportation for both convenience and eventual hilarity, the ominous awareness of danger around every corner, and a slew of heavy artillery.‚  At the center of Orbital lies a multi-level gap, one team above, one below, it is a difficult jump to make in the heat of battle, but if executed correctly can lead to some easy assassination kills.‚  Orbital is without doubt my favorite of the three maps, with a large look but small feel, dark portentous hallways, and artistic excellence, it is one I know I’ll never veto.

Bungie has released another quality selection of downloadable content, refreshing to the eager fan, but also limitless in forge opportunities with Sandbox.‚  The Mythic Map Pack is currently only available as bundled with the Halo Wars LE, and no official Xbox Live Marketplace release date or price has been set.‚  Keep your eyes on for forthcoming details.

Hit up the gallery for delicious screens of the new maps.

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  1. mxs102

    Not to be a stickler, though I am being one.

    Isn’t Assembly symmetrical; while Orbital is the asymmetrical of the three?

    Just checking, I enjoyed the review. I can’t get enough information or perspectives, I’m dying for them to release the map pack on XBL Marketplace.

    I’ve entered almost every contest possible over the past few days, to no avail. No free, early maps for me. 🙁

    Anyway, if I am wrong about which map being symmetrical or asymmetrical, I apologize. Just checking.

  2. Eddie Makuch

    thank you sir for correcting me, Assembly is indeed symmetrical and Orbital is not.

    new images added to the gallery as proof.


  3. Eddie Makuch

    No official date has been set for the Mythic Map Pack. Currently the maps are available exclusively for Halo Wars Limited Edition owners.


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