Set to release in March for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 1 explores four new and unique multiplayer regions perfectly fit to get your World War 2 freak on in.

In Station, you’ll have to frag your way out of a bombed out underground subway system.

The war-ravaged streets of Berlin play host to Nightfire.

If deadly jungles filled with fortified Japanese strongholds are your forte, Knee Deep will get you going.

And no, Activision didn’t forget you, you Nazi Zombie killing aficionado.‚  New weapons, electroshock defenses, and an endless wave of zombie horde await you in Verruckt (Zombie Asylum).

No word yet on how much virtual currency Map Pack 1 will sell for, but it most certainly looks to be worth it.

Map Pack 1 will release March 19th on Xbox 360 and PS3.

For now enjoy this new GameTrailers TV segment (beginning at 17:00) detailing the new maps with exclusive game-play footage.

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  1. avengers365

    it is for all console systems i actualy dont think it is out for the pc. remember eveybody who was pleased with cod 4 and now cod waw go to cod headquarters and sign up for inside information if you need help my screen name on there is avengers365.

  2. dave

    I just saw Makin Day pop up as the next map to play, then it kicked me because I didn’t have it. I didn’t think these were coming around until the 9th?

  3. @ dave

    Hey Dave, the Makin Day map is out now! It’s a free map and is not part of the map pack. Just go to download maps from the xbox live menu to get it!

  4. mike

    its march 9th why arent they out yet? is it a certain time they come out?

  5. Lew

    To my knowlege not confirmation date was provided. We only know that they are expected to be released this month.

  6. tom

    Wow I can’t wait any longer… All of the sites I checked said march 9 2009…


    if ya’ll would read it said on the website march 2009. Not march 9th.

  8. big papa

    ok…just please answer this..when do the maps really come out?i know ppl have to know when is the exact date for them?


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