President Obama. It feels nice to write that phrase without the word “elect.”

For those who watched history today, you saw the overwhelming support with which Obama was presented at National Mall in Washington D.C. He told the crowd he was humbled, and really, there is no other emotion he could have felt when he stepped out onto that podium and looked out at the crowd of nearly two million adoring supporters, all there not to see him recite a simple, yet groundbreaking oath.

Obama’s inaugural toast was fantastic, but the best thing I think he said was this: “To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society’s ills on the West “" know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.” People will judge you by what you build, not what you destroy. Just a longer way to see “peace shall overcome.”

He spoke of laying the groundwork for a productive and happy tomorrow, one where future generations don’t inherit the same worries we face today, to make sure they are able to harness the freedom that is rightfully theirs and to keep its flame lit as it passes from generation to generation.

That freedom, after so many years of apathetic government and economic powers who cheated and lied us into this situation, is at great risk. But I don’t think many doubt that with this man, and his family and the helm of the most powerful nation in the world, all will be restored, in due time.

The most historical event I have ever witnessed, possibly the most historical I will ever witness. President Obama, an inspirational figure ranking alongside the likes of Lincoln, even before he stepped into the Oval Office.

Just a day after Martin Luther King Day, he was inaugurated. I’ve seen footage of the day King gave his historical speech, and I without a doubt can say the emotion and pride within the people that were not only in Washington, but watching all around the world, matched the spirit held by those in attendance some 45 years ago.

Before President Bush went into this helicopter, he mouthed to Mrs. Obama something along these lines: you’ll have the time of your life, I promise you. We hope, for at least the next four years, we all do.

What a day.

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