In a fitting end to what some call the worst presidency ever, George W. Bush has granted 14 pardons and two commutations to American felons.

Among the pardoned individuals, Leslie Owen Collier of Charleston, Mo. was pardoned for a crime he committed over a decade ago; using a registered pesticide in an unauthorized way.

Collier pleaded guilty to using poisoned bait to kill animals on his farm.‚  The victims included a raccoon, a red-tailed hawk, a great horned owl and three bald eagles.‚  Collier also violated the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, which protects the safety of both kinds of eagles.

Another notable pardon, John Edward Forte, co-writer and producer of part of “The Score” the Grammy-winning album recorded by 90’s rap group Fugees.‚  He was charged earlier this decade for aiding and abetting possession with intent to distribute nearly 31 pounds of cocaine, according to the Department of Justice, and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.‚  He will be released in late December, but will remain under supervised release for five years.‚  Apparently Bush is a Fugees fan.

Another big pardon was that of Daniel Figh Pue III of Conroe, Texas, who was convicted of illegally treating, storing and disposing hazardous waste without a permit.‚  The waste, pentachlorphenol (PCP) and creosote sludge, was transported by Pue.‚  He says he was unfairly charged since he was transporting the materials as an employee, not on his own accord.

The last big pardon was that of Orion Lynn Vick of White Hall, Ark. who was convicted of aiding and abetting the theft of government property.‚  Vick declined requests by several media outlets to discuss the details behind the crime.‚  He has been requesting a pardon for more than five years.

As reported by the DOJ, other pardoned felons include:

Milton Kirk Cordes of Rapid City, S.D. was convicted in the 90’s of conspiring to violate the Lacey act, which violates the tranportation of illegally captured wildlife across state borders.

Richard Micheal Culpepper of Mahomet, Ill. was convicted of making “false statements to the United States.”

Brenda Jean Dolenz-Helmer of Forth Worth, Texas, was convicted for helping her father commit a workers’ compensation fraud that swindled insuance carriers for nearly $3 million.

Andrew Foster Harley of Falls Church, Va. was convicted of the “wrongful use and distribution of marijuana and cocaine.”

Obie Gene Helton of Rossville, Ga. was convicted of acquiring food stamps illegally.

Cary C. Hice Sr. of Travelers Resr, S.C. was convicted of “income tax evasion.”

Geneva Yvonne Hogg of Chamblee, Ga. was convicted of “bank embezzlement.”

William Hoyle McCright Jr. of Midland, Texas, was convicted of making “false entries, books, reports or statements of bank.”

Paul Julian McCurdy of Sulphur, Okla. was convicted of the “misapplication of bank funds by a bank officer.”

Robert Earl Mohon Jr. of Grant Ala. convicted of conspiring to distribute marijuana.

Ronald Alan Mohrhoff of Los Angeles, was convicted of the “unlawful use of a telephone in furtherance of a narcotics felony.”

James Russell Harris of Detroit, Mich. had his sentence commuted.‚  He was convicted of conspiring to “aid and abet the distribution of cocaine.”

Bush, in his eight year presidency, has granted 157 pardons.

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