#1 Designated Office hottie (Though I’ve always been a Ryan Howard‚ girl myself)‚ John Krasinski‚ majorly upgrading from fishface Renee Zellweger with Devil Wears Prada actress Emily Blunt. They make a cute pair but my guess is he’s smitten with her sweet British accent and will‚ be back with on-again, off-again ladylove Rashida Jones faster than you can say “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.” (Source: JustJared)

#2 Josh Hartnett (who peaked with 1998’s The Faculty) and British tabloid staple Sienna Miller (who peaked on Hayden Christensen in Factory Girl. Get it? Get it?) snuggling at Chateau Marmont. For him, it’s a downgrade from one-time‚ paramour Scarlett Johansson. For her, it’s an upgrade from balding, nanny-nailing Jude Law.‚ Yawn. This coupling‚ is totally‚ neutral. (Source: People)

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  1. Serge

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  2. sheryl

    Josh Hartnett an upgrade for Slutty Miller over Jude? Yeah, right. Actually, the nanny was an upgrade over Miller.


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