In a mere couple of hours, I will be heading out of town for the weekend. In my bag are the usuals for any weekend getaway with one additional item: my Patriots jersey. A Vrabel home jersey. It’s two sizes too big and‚ fits perfectly over a huge Pats sweatshirt which‚ will keep me warm this weekend‚ during‚ the Pats game‚ at Gillette.

I also have a Bruschi jersey and back in the day I had three Bledsoe jerseys.

As for the Sox, I like to rock the Papelbon, Lowell and Ortiz player tees. I think that‚ Lester may be a good additional to the collection.

I think‚ what jersey you wear says a lot‚ about you.‚ Let’s size up the jersey scene.

Home or Away? Please. Home. Always home. Let’s assume that if you love your team, 7 times out of 10 you are currently living in the area in which they play. If you attend games, where you would certainly be wearing a jersey, they would be playing at home. I buy home jerseys, but I know it can get tricky. Baseball fans would arugue‚ that player jerseys don’t have the name on the back of home jerseys. But they do have numbers, which if you are a fan, you should be able to recognize as easily as a name.

Pink? Don’t get me started on pink, camo, pastels and any color that doesn’t accurately reflect the team that you are supporting. There is a reason that no professional team wears pink, let’s keep it that way. Note: If you are a die-hard Timlin fan, camo is acceptable.

Just signed players: A true don’t. I like to give players at least a couple of years before I hop on the fan train. Don’t get me wrong it’s important to support young players, but how much do you regret your purchase when you are wearing a bench players jersey for the next few years. Don’t believe the hype until they are locked in.

Traded players or retired players: Acceptable- depending on who the player is.‚ Williams, Armstrong,‚ Pesky, Bird,‚ McHale and Bourke‚ are obviously perfect choices. They were important and respected players in their respective sports. But sometimes it can get a little blurry. Vinatieri,‚ Ty Law or Damon?‚ Has that player ever scorned the team? Asked for more money and then left? Talked smack and then jumped ship? Or even worse, said they would never leave and then packed up and‚ found themselves in‚ the rivals dugout?‚ You may want to think twice. Jerseys are expensive and I understand not being able to buy a new one every time someone is traded, retires or gets injured, but think twice before throwing on a jersey that might create more of a stir than your looking for.

Blurry line: Manny Ramirez

So what do you think? What jersey do you wear? Do you have any preferences? Is there anything that I missed when judging whether or not to wear a certain style or player? And would you, if you had previously owned one, still wear your Manny jersey at Friendly Fenway?

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Casey Ramsdell is The Girl in the Huddle and a Blast Magazine staff writer

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