CBC reporter Mellissa Fung was released from captivity Saturday, after her captors held her in an underground cave for nearly a month, according to the CBC.

It’s great that she was freed thanks to an operation headed primarily by Afghan intelligence.

That shows we can work together.

Fung says her hands and feet were tied during her last week in the cave.‚  She told intelligence agencies that the cave was so small she could barely stand up.

“They dug a small hole…and then there was a little tunnel that went into the cave.”

Fung also told intelligence agencies that her captors did not mistreat her.‚  Minus the tying I suppose.‚  Not much compared to what could have happened.

According to CNN, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said no ransom was paid to secure her release.

While Fung was missing, CBC asked other media outlets not to report on her situation, in order to secure her safety.

It was a flawless mission, three people were arrested and police are looking for three more.

It seems like more and more journalists are being kidnapped around the world.‚  It goes to show you the power the press can have; people are going out of their ways to kidnap its members and silence its influence.

It’s important, as a reporter, to keep working even after this kind of thing happens to you.‚  It’s important to keep bringing the news.

Of course it’s terrible, but you can take pride in one thing. If someone tries to shut you up, it means you’re doing your job well.

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