With fall TV on a hiatus, “The Office” fans are lucky enough to have two of the show’s biggest stars gracing the big screen with Ed Helms’ “The Hangover” and John Krasinski’s “Away We Go.” Blast was lucky enough to catch up with both actors to talk about their movies, but we sneaked a few “Office” questions in as well, as its season finale left us dying for more.

First and foremost was the surprise ending to the season finale when Jim and Pam discovered Pam is pregnant. Krasinski’s film “Away We Go” focuses entirely on a young couple trying to ready themselves for a baby, so we asked Krasinski if he would bring anything he’s learned on “Away We Go” to the next season of “The Office”:

“I think that I will bring some of that. I think that, if I bring anything to “The Office,” it will be what Dave and Vendela wrote, which is in preparing for a child I think that it’s so extremely exciting and, from talking to my brothers and friends that have babies, it’s so extremely exciting but what I think most movies don’t deal with is the sheer terror of it. And I love that. Like I love talking to my friends and having them be like, “Oh, I’m so excited to have a baby.” I’m like, “Are you nervous?” and they’re like “I’m terrified!” It’s like, that side of it has to be evident. So I hope that they don’t write Jim as this incredibly perfect father whose taking time off from work and everything’s perfect. I hope there are days where he’s really stressed out and not sure if he’s a good enough guy to have a baby or he’s prepared or those things which I think are dealt with in here. You know, it’s too clean to write it the other way.”

In the last few episodes of the fifth season of “The Office,” there was some romantic tension developing between Andy (Ed Helms) and Kelly (Mindy Kaling). In addition, in the season finale, there were some choice looks between Andy and the office’s new secretary, Erin (Ellie Kemper). Helms said he didn’t know anything about romantic involvement with either office female “" or how long Erin’s future will be. He said he did note how fans went wild over the idea of Kelly and Andy “" something which this Blast editor thinks would be awesome to see.

We also noted some a semblance of a truce between Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Angela (Angela Kinsey), the couple whose affair ruined the engagement of Angela and Andy. Andy and Dwight have since become friends on some level, so we asked Helms if he thought a reemerging relationship between Dwight and Angela would ruin the developing bromance between Andy and Dwight. He said he didn’t know of any Dwight/Angela relationship in the works, and that he didn’t know if it would cause any issues.

What would you like to see in the upcoming season of “The Office?” Would you like to see Dwight and Angela get back together? Who would you rather have Andy with: Kelly or Erin? What about Pam’s pregnancy? Tell us what you think below!

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