It seems like it’ll never end.‚  China’s ongoing melamine investigation has widened to animal feeding supplies, where reports of melamine-contaminated eggs have surfaced.

According to the International Herald Tribune, the melamine eggs has been reported in three different Chinese provinces.‚  Melamine-tainted products have been blamed for kidney stones and renal failure in infants.

This hurts China’s struggling agriculture industry even more.‚  It has been crippled ever since the melamine milk outbreak that affected more than 50,000 children, killing at least four.

People everywhere are frantic, concerned about Chinese foods imported directly from China.‚  Parents in the U.S. are scared that Halloween candy imported from China could be contaminated, IHT reports.

Various cities around the world are calling for further inspection of agricultural food items imported from China.

Honestly, right now you can’t be too careful.‚  A toxic chemical responsible for tens of thousands of infant sicknesses is terrifying, and inspecting all Chinese agricultural products in further detail is the right move.

Let’s hope this ends soon.

Let’s also hope that this problem hasn’t been going on since December of 2007, like many media outlets have reported.‚  According to some, Chinese officials concealed the outbreak to make sure the Olympics went off without a hitch.

Last month, for a radio show here in Toronto, I interviewed a Canadian journalist who’s been living in Beijing for a year now.‚  He told me that he wouldn’t be surprised if the outbreak was purposely concealed because of the importance of the Beijing Olympics to the Chinese government.


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