C Day

C as in Chanel.  The day is question is today, April 8th.  Today is the day that Chanel increases prices on it’s classic bags by 25% worldwide, decreases prices in China by 20%, initiates a leveling of merchand...
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China in Rome

ROME -- Chinese art has landed in Rome and risks never leaving the historical Roman palace of Palazzo Venezia. The Beijing government will, at least for the next five years, manage an area in a Roman museum...
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Poking the Bear: Why North Korea did it and what it means for Asia-Pacific

North Korea, one of the pillars of Bush’s “axis of evil”, conducted an underground test of a nuclear bomb last night about 50 miles northwest of the northern city of Kilju. According to predictions by Russian officials, the bomb generated a blast of between 10 and 20 kilotons, which places it in the range of “Little Boy” and “Fat Man”; the two atomic bombs that ravaged the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.
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India’s malnutrition problem growing

Hunger and malnutrition are serious issues in African society. Several African nations shamefully boast outrageous starvation and poverty rates, however there are parts of one nation that are in even worse shape. India.
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Chinese PM gets bashed at Cambridge

Following in the footsteps of the guy who threw the shoe at Bush, a man at Cambridge University threw a runner at Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao during a speech there, though his aim was a lot worse, he missed Jiabao by about 30 feet, according to the Times.