The new iDive waterproof iPod case and speakers claim to give users the ability to listen to their podcasts, videos, music and movies up to 300 feet underwater.

“Three years ago we introduced the world’s first waterproof housing and speakers developed for scuba diving, the DV-i700. Even though the number of supported mp3 players was small, the response and interest we received was overwhelming,” said Kristian Rauhala, CEO of H2O Audio, the company behind the iDive. “Divers have asked us to develop this product since the iPod revolution started. iDive’s “Made for iPod” integrated microprocessor detects a wide variety of iPods making it compatible with Apple’s most popular devices.”

Three hundred feet is a long way underwater, but if you’re down there with nothing better to do, why not crank your tunes? I guess. If you’re that comfortable under 300 feet of water, more power to you.


  • Waterproof to a submersed depth of 300ft/90m
  • Supports most models
  • Integrated microprocessor allows for push button control of click wheel and touch screen iPod devices
  • Built-in amplifier provides high quality stereo sound (uses 3 included AA batteries)
  • Over ear speakers can be attached to mask strap or tucked under a dive hood
  • Locking cam knob ensures secure seal
  • Lanyard loop for easy attachment
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • 1 year warranty

The H2O Audio iDive goes for $349.99, available exclusively online.

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  1. aide31


    je poste ici pour faire partager mon expérience, mon frère a été victime d’une surdité brutale après une intense utilisation du ipod, au niveau sonore et au niveau durée.
    Je souhaite dire aux utilisateurs d’ipod, mp3 qui nous lisent de faire très attention, c’est dommage d’en arriver à devoir se faire opérer pour se faire implanter une prothèse auditive.
    Alors qu’il suffit de baisser le volume.
    En plus une opération coute très chère, mon frère va se faire implanter avec cette société ( ) c’est pas remboursé par la sécu !

    Alors prudence !


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