The only premiere tonight is NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” at 8 p.m., but five shows are ending tonight, including the 9 p.m. finale of “Big Brother” on CBS. Also ending tonight are Fox’s fat dating show “More to Love,” ABC’s “Shaq Vs.,” A&E’s “The Cleaner,” and we can’t forget “Addicted to Beauty” on Oxygen.

ABC has canceled the sci-fi-esque romantic drama “Defying Gravity,” because no one watched it. The Fox Television-produced show lasted about a month, with its final episode airing last Sunday.

“Dirty Jobs” will return, already in its fifth season, with mega host Mike Rowe. Discovery Channel promises 11 new episodes starting October 6 at 9 p.m.

Finally today, Comedy Central is starting up a new series called “Secret Girlfriend” on October 7. It features quick, 11-minute mini-episodes about a guy in his 20s, his friends, roommates, and the each of the two girlfriends he’s trying to keep secret from each other.

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