Tonight, all eyes will be on Senator Hillary Clinton. She’s used to it, but this time, the spotlight will cast a bitter glow.

As she takes to the stage to unite the party, she is essentially freeing it for her once rival, and now leader, Senator Barack Obama. Her speech comes a day before the hotly anticipated speeches of her husband, former president Bill Clinton, and the man who took what many thought (I didn’t) should have been her job, Senator Joe Biden.

Tonight, she’d give anything to be in Obama’s shoes. But her job is very important, to unite all democrats behind one leader. Many have questioned whether her and Mr. Clinton are putting their best four feet forward.

Some of the accusations are fruitless, personally I think she’s doing fine. How much can really be expected of a woman who almost won the candidacy so soon after she lost it? How quickly can her supporters turn around and put all their hope behind another candidate, one Clinton attacked so much just months ago? She’s done a lot, and she continues to do more. She has a strong voice and it will, tonight, prove to be game changing.

But that’s beside the point. Tonight will be Clinton’s time to shine, to prove to America that a vote for Obama is not just a vote for him, but a vote for her, for the party as a whole, a vote against the republicans and against John McCain. For she will, no doubt, have a place in Obama’s potential administration.

She isn’t headlining, but here’s hoping her words make headlines.

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