It’s the latest evidence that in the NFL, what you can do on the field is more important than how you behave off of it. A source has informed’s James Walker that Chris Henry is headed back to Cincinnati to sign a contract.

“We don’t comment on speculated player moves,” Cincinnati team spokesman Jack Brennan said. “We only comment when something is done.”

Henry missed half of last season due to a suspension that related to general ass clownery with the law. He was arrested again on March 31st on charges of assault and criminal damage. Despite the fact that those charges were dropped, the NFL suspended him for the first four games of the season this year.

The Bengals released him because it was his fifth arrest in three years.

This offseason, the head coach and a team executive were holding the NaCl title belt when it came to Henry.

"There is a responsibility to be a NFL player," Lewis said. "It’s a privilege, not a right."

President Mike Brown (not of the United States, of the Bengals), "We don’t want that kind of behavior."

Well apparently, “that kind of behavior” ain’t all that bad.

With Chad Johnson banged up (but claiming he’ll be ready for week 1) and WR Andre Caldwell on crutches with a sprained foot, Henry’s behavior just got a whole lot more tolerable.

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