Every NFL Draft will have a fair share of movement with picks and such, but there was a lot of hype in 2008 about current players being shuffled about. Well, it really hasn’t happened. Maybe we can take a look at each case and find out why:

-Jason Taylor, DE, Dolphins: Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga even came out and said he wanted to do Taylor a favor and move him to a team that has a chance to actually win a Super Bowl. So what happened? Ummm…you wanted a first-round pick for a 33-year old player. C’mon, Wayne.

-Jammal Brown, T, Saints
: Brown’s name came up late in the Draft trade discussions. He was rumored to be part of a deal for the Eagles Lito Sheppard. He was also rumored to dangled in an attempt to jump up in the top five of the Draft. We think, in the end, the Saints weren’t dead set on moving him. Something could still happen, but it’s less likely now.

-Lito Sheppard, CB, Eagles: It’s been well-known for some time now that the Eagles want to move this guy. So why hasn’t anything happened? Most likely, the Eagles have over-valued him. He’s missed 14 games over the last three seasons, he played hurt last year and he wants more money. Again, something might still happen (and most likely will at some point), but the Eagles need to chill out on their asking price. Reuben Frank of Phillyburbs.com does a great job of detailing how they got to this point.

-Chad Johnson, WR, Bengals: He’s said publicly that he won’t play for the Bengals. The Bengals said, ‘fine, then sit.’ Cincinnati supposedly turned down two first-round picks (two first-round picks?!) for his services. We think the Bengals are just stupid and stubborn. Based on their aggregate record over the past 18 or so years, we’re probably right.

-Roy Williams, WR, Lions: See: Bengals. Williams is a free agent after this season. They could possibly tag him, but it’s clear he won’t be in Detroit much longer. Matt Millen…what can you say? Why get something for him while your team isn’t that good when you could just let him walk and get nothing? Oh, and your team still won’t be any good.

-Anquan Boldin, WR, Cardinals: Wow, this is really a pattern here. Maybe they think they can work out a deal with Anquan to make him happy. Currently, he isn’t. He wants to be paid closer to Larry Fitzgerald type of money and we don’t know that we can blame him. The Cardinals aren’t the smartest franchise, so it’s no surprise that they weren’t able to parlay Boldin into help on the defense. They will be tying up an awful lot of money in the WR position should they re-do his deal. Last we checked, WR’s don’t win Super Bowls.

Jeremy Shockey, TE, Giants: This one confused us. Surely, Shockey would have been a Saint by the end of Day 1. Shockey has come off like even more of a punk during his time on the injured list (which is tough to do) and it’s time for him to go. Eli Manning was even better without him and whatever he brings to the table on the field, he subtracts just as much (if not more) off of it. Obviously, the Giants weren’t bowled over by any deals and probably aren’t as convinced as the rest of us that he has to go.

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  1. Vince

    Talk about WR Roy Williams is coming around again. Any insight from Blast? Didn’t Mike quick say there was a story about Williams and Philly? A move such as this would be tremendous.


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