Already popular in Europe, Cape North Vodka is now being distributed in the US by Anheuser-Busch’s Long Tail Libations subsidy.

Cape North is made from Swedish spring water and distilled from French golden wheat from the Bourgogne region. The vodka finishes smooth with some light vanilla and citrus undertones.

“Cape North is a world-class vodka with an exceptional image and taste,” said Kathryn Sattler, innovation manager, Long Tail Libations. “For vodka drinkers who demand only the highest quality, Cape North is a proven winner and a sophisticated new addition to Long Tail Libations portfolio of luxury spirits.”

Cape North is one of those ultra-premium Vodkas, of which we are becoming so well acquainted. It’s very good, and it’s something you’ll be tempted to pick up a bottle of at the package store — give your friends a little something special at the next party. I wouldn’t necessarily pour it in the punchbowl though.

Let’s face it, we love our vodka. Girls and their cosmos and boys and their James Bond martinis alike need the best. I like Cape North. Besides, it gives you some automatically cool drink names: Cape and cola, Cape and cran, North and tonic, etc.

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To celebrate the availability of their newest product, Busch has suggested that you splurge and pair Cape North with the following:

  • Pair ice cold Cape North straight with oysters on the half shell topped with marinated cauliflower.
  • Serve a dill-infused Cape North Martini with a lobster and langostine tartar.
  • Mix a Cape North cocktail with fresh rhubarb and sweet white wine. Serve with goose foie gras topped with sauternes caviar on roasted brioche.

I’ll just have mine with tonic and lime. Thanks.

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