MTV’s new drama “Skins” premiered last night, based off of the controversial UK hit with the same title. Like the name states, the show is filled with the flesh of the hedonistic teenagers it follows. These trucker-mouthed teens are drugged up booze hounds, that are addicted to sex, with major emotional issues. Basically, they are the more depressed version of “Jersey Shore.”

The first episode revolves around Tony (James Newman) on a quest to make sure his friend Stanley (Daniel Flaherty) finally loses his virginity one night. The way to achieve that goal is to get a girl so drunk that she won’t even care it’s Stanley she is having sex with. I mean, how else would you lose your virginity? The night ends in fist fights, excessive pill popping and a car at the bottom of a river. Just a typical night in the lives of American teens, my friends.

The show is purposely trying to be every parent’s worst nightmare, and it succeeds. While all the drugs, alcohol and sex may shock those living under a culture rock, most realize that teens usually experiment with these factors and sometimes even indulge. What is shocking is the lack of remorse or fear of the consequences these teens have. Their lives center around the next time they get laid or score some weed, and school just happens to be a back drop.

This show is so desperately trying to be edgy and raw that it comes off like it’s trying too hard. It was as if the writers of the show decided to put all the taboo activities teenagers are not suppose to partake in and see what happens. What happens is you get a bunch of hormonal teenagers with exaggerated issues no one cares about.

What made the UK version a hit was not the shocking behavior but how relatable the characters were. This is what is severely lacking from the MTV one. The show tries but fails to capture the essence of what it is like being a teen. While it is totally believable for teens to be sex crazed with serve mental issues, the teens that were scantily dressed on the TV were not believable. “Skins” is the over dramatic Hollywood version of what it is like to be a teen.

At one point when Stanley thinks he is going to get his cherry popped by the sexually alluring Michelle he says “I am going to park my Chevy in Michelle’s garage?” Now, I will admit that it has been awhile since I have been in high school but who the hell talks like that? No one, that’s who.

While “Skins” is filled plenty of shock and awe moments that will initially grab a viewer’s attentions, it lacks the substance to hold it.

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  1. Leslie

    I agree with you John. The show is pretty bad. I would have enjoyed this review more though if it was easier to read.

  2. Max

    I suppose this won’t be read by anyone but – I’m 17, a junior in high school who isn’t so large on the scene as they call it and watching this show desperately worried me like no other! Maybe it was how it depicted drugs and violence as fun toys or maybe it was watching my friends attempt to pick out who they’re more like. These are role models! I kept saying, “So they’re in college right?” These kids’ll be brain dead if you show theft and addiction as ‘super fun happy party.’


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