Here are some random notes and thoughts from the National Football League:

According to a blog on the Orlando Sentinel’s website, there are quiet rumors within the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization that Cadillac Williams’ career is over. Williams tore a patellar tendon last season on October 1st in a win over Carolina. The Bucs recently signed Warrick Dunn, and will have Earnest Graham and Michael Bennett returning.

According to and, Kevin Jones was told this morning by the Detroit Lions that his services would no longer be required. A former first-round pick, Jones has been battling foot problems the past few years. Considering who the other running backs are on the roster (Tatum Bell, Aveion Cason, Brian Calhoun), Detroit must have been awfully down on Jones.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic says that Joel Segal, the agent for free-agent wideout Bryant Johnson, told him that he expects Johnson to sign with a team soon. He didn’t name names, but the Cardinals, who draft Johnson in the first round in 2003, are not one of those teams.

More Dwayne Robertson trade talks emerge. Robertson doesn’t fit the Jets’ 3-4 scheme (just like LB Jonathon Vilma, who was shipped to New Orleans) and will count $11 million against their cap this year. Denver will have to check out Robertson’s knee first, which some say is a bone-on-bone condition. But if that’s the case, consider it a done deal. Mike Shanahan never met a retread on the defensive line that he didn’t like.

This isn’t surprising, but expect Shaun Alexander to get cut soon by the Seahawks. There were rumors that he would turn into a bum after he got his big deal following the 2005 season, and injuries and ineffectiveness have proven that to be true. Alexander looks like he is running on the beach. With the addition of Julius Jones, he’ll be out the door sooner rather than later.

The 49ers have released Trent Dilfer. Dilfer would make a nice backup somewhere, but his starting days are long gone. Did they ever begin? He won a Super Bowl, so maybe so. Then again, I don’t know many Super Bowl winners that get replaced the following year by Elvis Grbac. “Hashmarks” writer Matt Mosley says he knows “for a fact” that the Rams love Ohio State LB/DE tweener Vernon Gholston, but not enough to take him with the second overall pick. Perhaps a trade down from the two slot? Only if a team loves Boston College QB Matt Ryan and feels the Falcons will nab him at #3. And with Joey Harrington, Chris Redman and D.J. Shockley as the only QB’s on the roster, that’s a very big possibility.

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