This Tuesday, after 932 days of searching, prosecutors closed investigations on the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Ann Holloway. They still believe three young men were involved in her death but cannot prove this due to their failed search for a body.

Last month authorities in Aruba discovered online chat sessions between the three main suspects of the case and re-arrested them hoping they could solve the case. However, with no body or new information form the suspects authorities decided to close the notorious case.

A statement form the Public Prosecutor’s Office acknowledged that if the suspects were put on trial they would have been acquitted due to lack of evidence. Moving to cold-case files was hard for them and her parents but all resources have been tried.

“The public prosecutor’s office and the police have gone the extra mile and have exhausted all their powers and techniques in order to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the girl,” said the statement.

Holloway, an Alabama high school student, disappeared on May 30, 2005, during a graduating class trip to Aruba. She was last seen leaving a bar with the three main suspects, Joran van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.

Quickly after her disappearance her divorced parents made every effort to find their daughter, using the media to broaden the reach of the search. Holloway’s mother, Beth Twitty, is “terribly disappointed” with Tuesday’s decision, her spokeswoman said.

“She was very hopeful the last couple of weeks and she went down there and met with the prosecutor,” Sunny Tillman told The Associated Press. “He told her face-to-face that he had new and incriminating evidence, and that made her hopeful.”

Unfortunately the prosecutor’s on-line chat findings were not incriminating enough. Prosecutors said the case could still be reopened if “serious” new evidence emerges. The statute of limitations is six years for involuntary manslaughter and 12 for homicide.

After extended searches, vigils and worldwide interest on the case Tillman said Holloway’s family is planning a deep-water search by a private group, but many don’t think the search will turn up anything.

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  1. Bohemund

    I’m sure the parents of the 3 accused of murdering Natalee are quite pleased with there efforts to free their sons from jail. I’d just like to know what they’re thinking when the go to sleep at night alone in the same house knowing their kids are murderers.

  2. george

    this is a fiasco from the stare. The investigators looked in all the normal places for Holaway, but the place they did not look was the most likely place.

    Looking at the story from afar, I suspect that just as the girl socialised easily with the three guys, and was taken home for the last time, she was not satisfied but had to leave their company. A boater with a sail boat might have spoken to her and invited her on his boat for a quick tour, which seemed exciting for her so she went. not recognising the danger.

    The FBI needs to check for every boat that was in the harbour that day and which left on that night from Aruba. Killing is not the modus operandi of Islanders prowling for sex. especially if they already got it. There is a million sex targets and she was no longer a catch, she was already caught.

    I suspect that Hollaway was taken by kidnapping, or a sex fiend on a sail boat, or accidentally died in a struggle trying to avoid sexual contact. She was happy and in love and did not need the company of an old boatie, but looking at a boat might have been attractive to her.

    All of this because she trusted the environment, no fault of hers.

  3. jas

    deepak kalpoe is a slave trader.he sold a human being for 1000 dollars.Their’s a witness that says he toke money from him for his part of the sale.he sold natalee ann holoway. this is a warning to all ,stay away from deepak kalpoe,he’s hungry for money.he will evan sell your daughter,if it suits him.he’s one of the most dangerous men on aruba.he speaks more than one language,so if he’s near you and speaking in a language you don’t away and contact police in the united states.


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