Sierra’s The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night is also available on Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance and select mobile phone platforms.

“With massive worldwide appeal, the 20 million-unit-selling Spyro franchise opens yet another exciting chapter this holiday,” said Pascal Brochier, president, Global Retail for Vivendi Games. “Based on the first installment’s success, we’re confident the new Legend of Spyro game is going to be a fan favorite for gamers of all ages.”

Features include: (Some may be limited on mobile platforms, especially phones)

  • “Dragon Time” — Spyro can now literally bend time to his will! Players will engage Dragon Time to dodge attacks, out-maneuver enemies or solve tricky time-based environmental puzzles.
  • Powerful new Breath Attacks (one for each element type), including Ice Bomb, Electric Orb, Earth Vine and Enhanced Fire give players a tremendous sense of power several upgrade options allow players to customize Spyro to their liking as they progress through the game.
  • All new elemental melee moves and Fury attacks help Spyro on his quest.
  • Huge Environments: The Eternal Night features an added degree of exploration and puzzle solving — challenging Spyro to use his new powers not just to blast through enemies, but also to uncover secrets and navigate through challenging environments.

Eternal night is also available on Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2 and is rated E for Everyone.

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