Ratchet and Clank works great for a modern day platformer.

While on vacation, a little girl who wanted to get some pictures of you gets kidnapped. You must now go save her. The story doesn’t have the blood and gore that some people may want, but fighting off robots will make it more acceptable for a younger audience while still entertaining older gamers.

The game has many weapons and tools that can be bought or picked up along the way. Plus the game starts out with the ability to glide or fly around the screen for short distances. The variety of tools makes the game not just a shooter like some plat formers, but also a puzzle sometimes, figuring out which tools are appropriate for the situation. The game is fairly single dimensioned following the path from start to finish with little options to explore the map.

You turn bolts on the ground to open doors, fly over ravines. Shoot weapons from simple gun style to balls of acid that eat any metal creatures that come in contact with it.

If you liked any of the other Ratchet and Clank games, you will like this one. It holds up to the style and fun of the others. With the game play the same as the PS2, with full video cut scene’s and voices and music in the game. The graphics look great for a portable, just like they do on the PS2. Since this is a new story and not just a port of the PS2 version, if you’ve played the PS2 version you won’t be bored playing the same story again. The PSP is a new story line, to go with the others.

Overall I give it a 9 out of 10. The game is fun to play. Great plat former, fighting your way through each level, and solving puzzles with the gadgets that you pick up or buy along the way. The gadgets are fun, the graphics are great. The story line is full of lots of humor.

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