If you’re a fan of flight sims on other platforms, you’ll love the fact that now you can take it all with you.

Mach has two modes of play. You either can race other planes like in other similar racing games. Unfortunately the racing levels are so small that you really don’t do much up and down, just turning around corners, avoiding obstacles.

The game really shines in the combat levels. You fly around with up to eight other planes dogfighting, shooting with guns or missles and trying to avoid being shot down. There are tons of plans on each level, and this makes it difficult to avoid getting shot sometimes. When you’re shooting at a target, someone else is trying to shoot at you.

This does make the game interesting though. If you miss your target, there are more in the area. When you get shot down, it restarts you with full health.

As you beat the levels, you get points towards buying bigger or faster planes. The game is designed to work well with multiple players. With multiple PSP’s, the other opponents are your friends, and you can shoot them out of the sky. You can also slug it out against AI in the Single player levels.

For a flight simulator on a hand held, this does very good. The graphics are great. You move around boulders and go through caves. This game really makes the PSP shine. It is something that previously was only available for regular consoles. The only weak spot is the racing mode, which feels more like hovercraft than planes. The racing would be better if they used the fact that their worlds are three dimensional more.

I give the game a 9 out of 10. I think the dog fighting is great, but the racing was kinda lame. The dog fighting was great though. I definitely recommend checking this out if you like fighter simulators or just want to shoot something out of the sky.

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