Killer Instinct’s Sabrewulf is now free-to-play 0

Microsoft is introducing a MOBA-like format to Killer Instinct, its free-to-play fighter that comes with one character to choose from. Originally available from the start, Jago has now been swapped out for Sabrewulf, meaning players can practice their combos with a new fighter before deciding to cough up some money and pay for him and others. Each character costs $5 to unlock, so it’s great for those wanting to sample the game before committing, but unlike games like DoTA or League of Legends, you only get one character to try out for free until a new character gets swapped out.

The latest update also fixes a few bugs and adds a couple of classic skins for fighters Jago and Orchid. For a full listing of all the changes, see Double Helix’s latest post.

Killer Instinct is currently available on Xbox One.